Stylemaker of the Month: Mara Roszak

Growing up in the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles, Mara Roszak was exposed to a diversity of aesthetics from a young age. Mara’s mother was a sculptor and encouraged her to explore visual art in its various forms. At the age of 15, Mara enrolled in the Marinello School of Beauty and by the age of 17, she was styling hair for high-profile actresses on the red carpet. Mara gleans artistic inspiration from a variety of influences, and is motivated by being an integral part of bringing creative concepts to life. Mara’s celebrity clients include Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Elle Fanning, Zoe Saldana and Michelle Dockery. Mara lives in Los Angeles and is currently the Celebrity Hair Stylist for L'Oréal Paris.

Strong Women

“My mother and sister, whom one of which I speak to on a daily basis (if not both). They inspire me, teach me, and the deep love and connection I feel to them is unlike any other relationship. In addition to my family, my best girlfriends are all strong women themselves… mothers and creative inspiring people. I feel grateful every day for them all.”

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International Finds

“Anyone that knows me knows I love to shop -- especially when I travel! From going to European pharmacies to grab local products, to Celine in Paris, it keeps it exciting at the least!”

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Casual, yet sexy hairstyle

“This is one of my favorite hair styles all around. A healthy blow out with shine. Casual yet sexy, for red carpet or just going out to dinner. It's especially good a day after being slept on. It looks especially gorgeous to dress down a dressy look, and make it more effortless casual.”

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“I just got back from a long weekend stay at The Golden Door, a gorgeous sanctuary where you come back feeling like a new person. From spa treatments to fitness and health, all around my ideal vacation.”

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Style Muses

“I can easily say she is my style icon. I loved the simplicity of her style - tailored timeless pieces that still look cool and modern”

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