Stylemaker of the Month: Evelina Barry

Evelina Barry is a fashion designer, stylist and digital influencer known for her visually stunning short fashion films on YouTube. After starting out in interior design she decided to channel her love of fashion by sharing styling tutorials, DIY projects and parts of her life on YouTube. Here Evelina shares a 70s inspired braid tutorial as well what else influences her signature style.


“One of my favorite things to do is get outside and take a ride on my penny board, where I bump into inspiration for many of my lifestyle videos!”

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“Music festivals are a huge source of inspiration because you can just lose yourself in the songs and get inspired by everyone’s style!”

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L.A. Weather

“Living in California fills my days with lots of fun under the sun, so the weather here is a huge inspiration for what I choose to wear and how I do my hair!”

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