What is Hair Strobing and Should You Try It?

/ 12.02.2015
All You Need to Know About Hair Strobing
All You Need to Know About Hair Strobing

Strobing is not a new term in the domain of make-up. However, the common face-contouring practice has been incorporated in the field of hair color too! Hair strobing is the hottest new trend that has been garnering a lot of attention lately and is set to replace other prevalent hair coloring techniques.

What is Hair Strobing?

Hair strobing is a personalized hair highlighting technique that is specific to one's natural hair color, skin tone and face shape. It adds a shimmery effect to those sections of hair where light would generally fall, lending a gorgeous glossy and multi-tonal effect to the mane.

The highlights are placed strategically to accentuate your skin tone and flatter the best features of your face. The color used to create these highlights is generally two shades lighter or two shades darker than your natural hair color and helps to create a stunning contrast that blends smoothly with the multiple tones of your strands.

How is It Different from Highlights or Regular Hair Coloring?

The only difference between color highlighting and hair strobing is that the latter involves a three-step process rather than the typical two-step technique. First, thick strips of color are applied to your strands to create a sense of dimension and contrast. Next, the hair is toned and highlighted using darker and lighter hair dyes. Finally, the key areas are identified and highlighted with lighter hair colors to accentuate specific hair sections and build more dimension.

What are the Benefits of Hair Strobing?

The art of hair strobing focuses on considering your individual physical features while accentuating your natural beauty. As such, the color streaks are placed strategically to draw attention to your skin tone, show off your face shape (and distract from those features that you don't want to highlight) and most importantly, make your mane glisten when light hits it. It is unique and customized for you!

Should You Get Your Hair Strobed?

If you want something more than just regular highlights and lowlights, hair strobing would fit your bill perfectly! With this hair contouring technique, you can not only make your hair color look rich and vibrant but also make every single strand shine brilliantly.

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