What hairstyle for a job interview?

/ 01.14.2014
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  • Short & piecey
  • A sleek bob hairstyle is perfect for a job interview
  •  Sleek ponytail
  • A braided headband appears feminine, controlled and also helps keep your hair off your face
  • A tousled look, teamed with the right makeup, can be a great option for a job interview

Got a job interview coming up? Once you're confident responding to all of the potential interview questions, you've got to think about what to do with your hair! In the gallery above, you'll find some simple, chic and very professional-looking hairstyle inspiration for all kinds of hair lengths and types.

Short and sweet

In an interview, it's always best to avoid rambling in favour of keeping your answers concise. Apply this strategy to your hair and you can't go wrong. A polished, super-sleek bob will help you to stand out (along will your killer CV of course) or, if you have shorter hair, a controlled piecey style will show personality without seeming too "out there".

FYI, we have all the info you need to help tame flyaways, should you need it.

Keep it simple

If you are a) in doubt or b) you're having a bad hair day, both of which are bound to happen on an interview day, then go for a sleek ponytail. It's a simple style but it's a very effective one as it keeps you hair off of your face, out of your eyes and away from your nervous hands which might just be inclined to play with it when talking to prospective employers. Make sure you go for a neat, polished finish so it'll seem like you put some effort in, rather than choosing the easiest hairstyle you could think of (which you totally did).

Hire-me Heidi

Go for a braided headband for a pretty look with an "I put loads of effort into everything I do" edge. Create two braid underneath your ears, twist them over the top of your head and pin securely. It's a style that is quirky enough to help you stand out from the other candidates but neat enough to be appropriate. Not only that, it keeps your hair off your face and gives the impression you're prepared to go the extra mile.

Messy yet chic

Messy styles, whether up or down, can be totally appropriate for an interview. You just need to be careful to keep your tresses controlled. A great way to do this is by using bobby pins to help shape your hair slightly - with a side part, for example. You can't go wrong as long as you keep your makeup understated and your attire classic. A tousled look can help you appear both stylish and approachable and perhaps make you feel a little more comfortable, too.

All that's left to say is good luck!

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