Wet look side part vs. brushed back - Fashion Week hair trend

/ 01.21.2014
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Do you prefer wet look hair with a side part or brushed back?
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Now that Paris Couture Fashion Week is in full swing, we're keeping our eyes wide open for new and exciting hair trends. Well, we say new, but it just so happens that wet-look hair has established a kind of hegemony over the hairstyle world in recent years, and it shows no sign of slowing down any time soon!

The good news is that it's quite a versatile trend. Any hairstyle can be turned into a wet-look 'do and it can be worn with a well-defined part or no visible part at all.

We have a question that we would appreciate your help with: is wet-look hair more wearable with a deep side part or in a simple brushed-back style? Vote for your chosen style above!

No fuss

The best thing about wet-look hair that makes it something everyone should have on their hairstyle bucket list is the fact is just keeps everything well and truly under control. Flyaways are flattened, frizz doesn't even get so much as a look-in and greasy roots just aren't an issue!

The only problem is that it's quite an "out there" style. It's dramatic, it's a little rebellious and it's one of the least wallflower-friendly looks on the planet.

How to get away with it

Off the runway, wet look hair is only really wearable for a night out unless it's super toned-down. This is where the minimalist styles above come in. Brushed-back, the style appears subtle and works perfectly with sophisticated daytime makeup. With a side part - whether slightly mussed or totally sleek - the same is true.

The trick is to use a product like Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Deconstructing Gum that won't flake and which remains flexible once applied. All you have to do is work it through from root to tip and smooth over with a wide-tooth comb for a neat finish. If you want a more disheveled look, muss gently with your fingers.

You'll just have to experiment to see whether a side part or brushed-back look is best for you, then let us know!

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