Wet-look hair ideas for real life - styles that work off the runway

/ 01.31.2014
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  • Try a grunge texture like Doutzen Kroes and pair with bright red lipstick for a high-impact look
  • Wet look hair can work in the real world as well as on the runway!
  • Wet look hair can work in the real world as well as on the runway!
  • Wet look hair can work in the real world as well as on the runway!
  • Wet look hair can work in the real world as well as on the runway!
  • Wet look hair can work in the real world as well as on the runway!
  • A wet-look faux half-hawk. Do you dare?

As hair trends go, wet-look hair is definitely among intimidating when it comes to wearing it in the real world. Sure, it looks great on all those gorgeous creatures at Fashion Week but can it looks that goos on the rest of us mere mortals? Well, yes, actually! If you choose your 'do carefully, there's no reason why you can't rock your very own wet-look hairstyle to the office, a party or anywhere else.

Above, you can peruse our mini-gallery of 'real life' wet-look possibilities, including a show-stopping grunge look from L'Oréal Paris spokesmodel Doutzen Kroes.

Choose wisely

You just have to go for a look that works with the occasion or situation you'll be wearing it for. Edgier looks such as half hawks and super wet-effect styles are best left for out-of-office hours where your boss, or anyone else, can't disapprove or suggest you need to wash your hair!

However, understated styles with only a slight wet-effect can be totally work appropriate as long as everything is kept minimalist and relatively low-shine. Simple, sleek styles that barely seem wet-look at all are the perfect way to wear the trend without a huge shock factor.

Get the [wet]look

Wet-look hair works really well with straight hair or defined curls so you may need to spend a little time styling after washing and conditioning your hair. Blow-dry as usual and then apply Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Iron Straight Heatspray for a super smooth finish.

To create a subtle wet-look effect: It's best to steer clear of high-shine, hard-drying products like gel and go with something a little more flexible such as Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Deconstructing Gum. It won't dry into a fixed, crispy texture and can be re-worked as needed.

To begin with, apply only a small amount by using your fingers to work it through your locks. Add more when required - if you have especially long or thick hair, for example - and use a comb to get a really straight, polished texture.

Top tip - Smooth over again with your hands to really flatten the hair and create an ultra-sleek wet-hair effect.

For a more 'out there' style: If, like Doutzen, you'd like a little more texture, apply a little more gum. Then, comb hair through, sweeping it all back off your face, before using your hands to muss and scrunch the style.

Whether you feel like trying something totally fresh or just want to hide unwashed roots, wet-look hair could be just the hairstyle for you! So, do you dare?

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