Wet look chignon tutorial: the brave way to get out of a hairstyle rut

/ 07.22.2014
Make a statement with a slick wet-look chignon, as seen at Paris Couture Fashion Week!
Make a statement with a slick wet-look chignon, as seen at Paris Couture Fashion Week!

When you feel stuck in a hairstyle rut, there's nothing quite like ripping of the proverbial band aid and going for something totally different. By different, we mean really different. Unrecognizably different.

If you're used to little more than a go-to ponytail with the odd foray into tousled waves, why not switch things up with a dramatic wet-look style? It's a runway staple and the slick, unforgivingly swept-back finish will throw all the emphasis on your face, making this a pretty brazen hairdo to get on board with. There's nowhere to hide and confidence, fake or real, is essential. Though not for the fainthearted, it's definitely an incarnation of "updo" that is guaranteed to shake things up a bit.

Should you be feeling bold enough to give it a go, just follow the tutorial below...

Step one

Brush all of your hair back off your face then apply either a gel or gum throughout your hair, depending on just how slick you want it to be. Something like L'Oréal Paris Studio Line Clean Gel will render a more high-shine finish whereas Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Deconstructing Gum, also by L'Oréal Paris, will offer a more subtle, grungy look.

Step two

Use a wide-tooth comb to rake whichever product you choose evenly throughout your hair until all of it has been covered.

Step three

At the ends, roll the hair in a big loop up towards the back of your head. Once you reach the nape of your neck, secure with as many bobby pins as necessary. The gel / gum should make securing the style easier than normal but don't be afraid to keep pinning until everything feels secure.

Step four

Smooth down the top, double check the back and sides in a mirror, and you're all set!

What do you think? Are you brave enough to try a hairstyle like this?

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