Wet look catwalk trend, do you dare?

/ 12.09.2013
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  • Wet look catwalk trend, do you dare?
  • Wet look catwalk trend, do you dare?
  • Wet look catwalk trend, do you dare?
  • Wet look catwalk trend, do you dare?
  •  Wet-look bob
  • Wet look catwalk trend, do you dare?
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Wet look hair is one of those "out there" hairstyles more closely associated with Fashion Week chic than real-world wearability. The sad fact is that it's a long way from the runway to the bathroom mirror.

That said, it's totally possible to work a wet look, you just have to pick your moment carefully. We strongly advise against turning up to meeting at work, a wedding or any other seriously formal occasions with a look like this. You might also want to avoid wet look hair when in seriously casual situations, too. Let's just say it's a "night out" hairstyle. High-impact, sassy, rebellious and totally dependent on the wearer's attitude, wet look hair is perfect for hanging out in a swanky club or dancing the night away in the right place.

The good news is that there are a few different ways to style it, potentially making it more accessible to those of you out there who may be feeling a little reluctant when it comes to dousing your locks with copious amounts of gel.

In fact, it can be better to use styling gum to keep your hair under control and leave out any slimey, wet-look gel, especially for anyone who prefers their on-trend hairstyles to be quite subtle.

The classic

The phrase "wet look" implies a shower fresh appearance, with hair looking damp from root to tip. No surprise then, that wet look hair is usually generously gelled all over and then run through with a comb. This interpretation is ideal for classic red-lipped makeup or with a fresh-faced, 'barely there' look.

The "helmet"

Some might say this is the most difficult version to wear. Gelled from the roots to about ear level, the sleek, shiny part gives the impression it's been pushed down into place by wearing a helmet, especially if the ends are styled in an especially fluffy way.

Extra wet

This take on wet look hair involved more gel than a classic look and is very rigidly slicked back against the scalp to create a look that shines almost excessively. Not one for the faint hearted.

The "good little girl"

Incorporating a well-drawn parting, hair perfectly smooth and sleek on top, this is the good girl wet look with minimal amounts of gel, just enough to keep it smooth in fact. This version is "easier" to adopt, but beware of hair appearing greasy.

After all that, do you dare?

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