Wearable wet look hairstyles: photo gallery

/ 01.16.2015
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  • Sleek, wet-look ponytail
  • Wearable wet-look hairstyle
  • Wet-look side-swept hairstyle
  • Wearable wet-look hairstyle
  • Wearable wet-look hairstyle
  • Short wet look hair
  • Wearable wet-look hairstyle
  • Wearable wet-look hairstyle
  • Wet look quiff

Wet-look hairstyles might be one of the Fashion world's biggest beauty trends, but they definitely aren't the most wearable looks on the planet. That said, there are some subtle, sleek styles that are surprisingly accessible and not nearly as intimidating as some of the intense slicked-back styles we've grown accustomed to on the runway.

To see exactly what we're talking about, just scroll through the gallery above.

How to wear wet-look hair

The key to making a wet-look hairstyle work in the real world is taking a 'less is more' approach when styling.

Start with a small amount of Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Clean Style Gel and sweep it evenly through your hair. Add more gel as needed, then smooth it down with a comb and your hands for a low-key, loose wet-look hairstyle.

To add shine to an updo, apply the gel to the top half of your hair, then style the rest as you normally would to create a low bun or chignon. You can also use just a small amount to smooth down the sides of a pomp or high chignon.

Low-shine alternative

If you don't want to start your journey into the world of wet-look hairstyles with gel, use a hair oil to smooth down the lengths of your hair instead. It will give you a slightly subtler sheen while nourishing your hair at the same time.

What do you think? Would you try a subtle wet look hairstyle?

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