Video hairstyle tutorials: Mara Roszak's pro tips for ponytails

/ 05.28.2015

The ponytail is a great go-to hairstyle for every occasion, from a glam night out to a yoga class. To help you perfect the look, consulting celebrity hair stylist for L'Oréal Paris Mara Roszak shares her pro tips for not one but two red carpet inspired ponytails in the video tutorial above. If you were unsure what to do for your next night out hairstyle, now you know! Which pony willl you try first?

For more ponytail inspiration, check out the photo gallery below.

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  • Ponytail inspiration
  •  Sleek side ponytail 
 A sleek side ponytail is perfect for when you want your hair to look polished, but don't want to spend much time styling.
  •  Wavy ponytail 
 A low ponytail is a chic look that demonstrates ease while keeping the lengths of your hair back and under control. With a few waves, this pony has plenty of momement, but the hair won't actually move much at all!
  •  Straight low ponytail 
 A sleek, straight low ponytail is a great hairstyle for work, and it's also a really good way to deal with dirty hair.
  •  Crimped pony 
 Crimped hair is making something of a comeback this season, and a really easy way to wear it is in a low ponytail. The zigzags act as an accessory!
  •  Curled ponytail 
 For a cute, vintge feel, try a low ponytail with curled ends. For great hold, don't skimp on the hairspray!
  •  Messy low ponytail 
 For an on-trend, textured look, a messy low pony is the perfect option. It's a great way to deal with bed head hair and you can add texture with dry shampoo before styling.
  •  French twist ponytail 
 A French twist pony combines the pulled-together feel of an updo with the effortless beauty of a low ponytail. What's not to love?
  •  French braided ponytail 
 To add detail to a regular low pony, try braiding from the crown of your head to the nape of your neck before securing it.
  •  Bubble ponytail 
 For a playful yet grownup look, try a bubble ponytail. Space some elastics a few inches apart along the length of the pony, then pull the bubbles out with your hands after securing all of the hair ties.
  •  Mid-height ponytail with a headband 
 When you need to keep your hair out of the way but don't want to compromise on style, a mid-height pony with a headband is the perfect go-to look!

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    Ponytail hairstyles: trends, tips and tutorials

    The ponytail is everyone's favorite updo and it isn't hard to see why. When we need a practical hairstyle, it's there. When we want something chic and simple for a night out, it's there. When we want an understated, elegant...

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