Top 5 Groom-and-Go Hairstyles for Men

/ 09.24.2015
Easy Groom-and-Go Hairstyles for Men
Easy Groom-and-Go Hairstyles for Men

Your hairstyle says a lot about you. While a good hairstyle can enhance your personality and help you win hearts, a bad one can completely ruin your image.

We've come a long way from simple, neat and polished gentlemen's hairstyles. These days, it's all about quick and easy groom-and-go styles that can be created within minutes, are low-maintenance and can be sported everywhere.

If you're a man on the go, we understand that you can't spare a lot of time fixing your hair every morning. So, we've compiled a list of five groom-and-go hairstyles for men that will help you fix your hair quickly and without any fuss. These hairdos leverage your natural hair texture, so you need not use too many hair products to get the perfect look. Grab your hairbrush and styling gel and let's get started!

Brushed Back Hairstyle for Men
  Brushed Back Hairstyle for Men

1. Brushed Back Hairstyle

This brushed back men's hairstyle is perfect for those of you who like to look cool and confident. To make this hairstyle work, you must have slightly wavy medium-length hair.

Creating a brushed back hairstyle is easy. All you need to do is smooth a small amount of hair styling gel through dry hair and use a hairbrush to comb your hair up and back.

Tousled Hair for Men
  Tousled Hair for Men

2. Tousled Hair

Take inspiration from Simon Baker, Matthew McConaughey and Eric Dane and embrace the natural curly or wavy texture of your hair to perfect this romantic look. Tousled hair does not require a lot of maintenance and looks best when it is slightly messy.

To create this hairstyle, rub-in a coin-sized dollop of deconstruction gum through damp hair and use your fingers to scrunch individual hair sections. Easy as that!

Rebel Waves Hairstyle for Men
 Rebel Waves Hairstyle for Men

3. Rebel Waves

Rebel waves are for men who are easy-going and love to stay on trend. If you're looking for a casual hairstyle for men, rebel waves will fit your bill perfectly.

To create rebel waves as perfect as Zac Efron's, you must have thick straight hair. You can also create this hairstyle with thin hair, but you'll have to use loads of hair styling products to add volume to your mane. The simplest way to go about creating this cool men's hairstyle is to run a small amount of hair wax or pomade through dry hair and use your fingers to create spikes in random directions.

Classic Short Side Sweep Hairstyle for Men
  Classic Short Side Sweep Hairstyle for Men

4. Classic Short Side Sweep

The classic short side sweep is for busy business executives and jetsetters who are required to look sharp and confident but don't have time to create salon-styled hairdos. For this no-fuss hairstyle, you need to have short, straight hair.

Create a side part and comb your hair on each side. Spritz some fine-hold hairspray or apply a small amount of light styling gel to keep your hair in place throughout the day.

Wind Swept Hairstyle for Men
 Wind Swept Hairstyle for Men

5. Wind Swept Hair

If you liked Robert Pattinson's swoon-worthy hairstyle in Twilight, we'll tell you how to create it! Wind swept hair best suits artists and creative guys. If you're in a white collar job, this hairstyle might not be for you.

Apply a dollop of styling gel on your thick, wavy hair and finger-comb it sideways. This cool hairstyle looks good when it's slightly messy, so don't try to achieve a perfectly set look.

Feeling inspired? Try out one of these super easy groom-and-go hairstyles!

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