Top 3 Textured Hairstyles for Men

/ 11.25.2015
Textured Hairstyles for Men
Textured Hairstyles for Men

In recent years, men's grooming has certainly reached new heights. It's refreshing to see more and more gents breaking out from the crowd and trying out interesting and on trend hairstyles. They are letting go of their allegiance to classic gentlemen's hairstyles, trying out new haircuts and learning to style their mane in creative ways to look dapper while staying on point. More importantly, they are embracing the natural texture of their hair – whether straight, wavy or curly!

When was the last time you changed your hairstyle? Have you stuck to one hairstyle for years and never thought of giving your mane a different look? March in tune with the times and try out a few textured hairstyles that will leverage the natural character of your strands and make you look fabulous.

Neither too subtle nor too fashion-forward, these textured hairstyles for men are as good to wear to work as to a social engagement:

The Ivy Leage Blowback
The Ivy Leage Blowback

1/ Ivy League Blowback

One of the most popular hairstyles for men this month, the Ivy League Blowback looks super good on men who like to keep their mane trendy, but well-groomed. The tapered fade along the sides and the back together with longer top hair lends this men's hairstyle an excellently textured finish.

This blowback hairstyle works best with straight to wavy hair and you can wear it to both formal as well as social occasions. Work in some deconstruction gum or pomade through your hair and rake up your forelocks with your fingers to create a swanky hairstyle that makes you look good throughout the day ... and at night!


Windswept Wavy Hair
Windswept Wavy Hair

2/ Windswept Wavy Hair

For those not afraid to play things up a little more than usual, there's the cool and casual windswept hairstyle. It is ideal for men with slightly longer, wavy hair and has a very relaxed feel about it.

To create a windswept wavy effect in your hair, smooth in some hyper fix putty through your damp strands, finger-comb your hair to a side of your choice and allow it to air dry. To create a more natural effect, go for a soft side part instead of a sharp one, so that your hair looks naturally tousled by the breeze.

Curly Brushed Forward Hairstyle
Curly Brushed Forward Hairstyle

Curly Brushed Forward Hairstyle

It is very difficult to pull off a swept-back or back-brushed hairstyle with medium-length curly hair. Why chop your gorgeous curls when you can leverage their natural texture and sport a chic and swanky hairstyle!

By brushing your hair forwards, you rid yourself of the constant botheration of raking up your forelocks every now and then. A brushed-forward hairstyle not only allows you keep the texture and structure of your curls intact but also makes you look dapper.

To create a brushed-forward hairstyle, work in some pliable styling wax through your mane and trace out a side part. Sweep down your hair on the larger side of the part over your forehead. Side sweep your hair on the smaller side of the part to create an effortlessly textured hairstyle that'll look good both on and off duty.

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