Top 3 Braided Updos to Wear Anywhere

/ 12.01.2015
Braided Updos that You Can Wear Anywhere
Braided Updos that You Can Wear Anywhere

Braided updos look quite exquisite and ultra-feminine. From effortlessly simple buns to intricate chignons – there is a wide variety of braided updos that you can create with your medium-length to long hair. In fact, by adding a subtle braided detailing, you can transform a regular hairstyle into an attractive one. The best thing about these updos is that they never look over the top.

Here are three super attractive braided updos that you can wear to work, a party, to a date or even to a wedding:

Vintage Bouffant Bun with Braided Headband
  Vintage Bouffant Bun with Braided Headband

1/ Vintage Bouffant Bun with Braided Headband

This is one of our favorite retro updos for long hair. It involves a lot of teasing and a whole lot more hairspray to set the bouffant, but don't worry, we'll guide your through the steps.

Divide Your Hair into Sections

Section off about 2 inches of hair along your hairline; we'll use this section to cover up the bouffant.

Section off another 2 inches of hair behind one of your ears; we'll use this piece to make a braided headband.

The Bouffant

Spritz some high-lift creation hairspray around the crown of your head. This product boosts your strands and preps them for back brushing. Lift small hair sections at the crown and gently back-brush, i.e., tease them using a fine-toothed comb to create height and volume. Once you're happy with the build-up, set it with a generous spritz of strong hold hairspray.

Remember the face-framing piece that we sectioned-off? Spritz some strand smoother serum spray over it and smooth it over the teased section, securing the ends with bobby pins, to cover up and complete the bouffant.

The Braid

Make a regular braid using the other hair-piece that you sectioned off.

The Updo

Gather all your loose hair at the back of your head and tie it up in a ponytail using elastic. Twist the pony around the base of the elastic and secure with bobby pins to create a chignon. Set the updo with a generous spritz of hairspray.

Complete the Look

To complete your vintage braided bouffant bun, wrap the braid around the top of your head (like a headband) and secure it behind the other ear using a bobby pin. Two things to remember here:

1) The braid should be a little further away from your hairline; and

2) Do not tug at the braid too hard as it might muss the shape of the bouffant.

Milkmaid Braids Updo
Milkmaid Braids Updo

2/ Milkmaid Braid Updo

A milkmaid braid updo is sweet and sexy and quite easy to create. You can go for a neat finish that ensures every strand of hair is in place or choose a slightly tousled look that oozes fun and romance.

For any kind of braided hairstyle to work, it is important that your hair is frizz free, so that it is easier to plait and style. Work in a tiny amount of frizz remover cream through your tresses and comb them to spread the product and make your strands smooth, soft and manageable.

The Braids

Divide your hair with a sharp middle part, starting at your hairline and going all the way down to the nape of your neck. Make a regular low braid on each side of the part and secure it with elastic. Take one braid and wrap it around your head, like a headband, securing the end with bobby pins. Likewise, wrap the other braid close to the first one, tuck its end beneath the first braid and secure with bobby pins. Tuck in more pins to secure any loose ends and complete your updo with a generous spritz of hairspray. Gently pull out a few wisps of hair to lend your updo a dreamy finish.

Triple French Braid Updo
Triple French Braid Updo

3/ Triple French Braid Updo

First off, this updo is simpler to create than it looks. All you need to do is master your French braiding skills. For those of you who've never plaited a French braid before, here's what you do:

The French Braid

Take about 4 inches of hair at the top of your forehead, split in into three equal-width pieces and start crossing the left piece over the right, à la a standard braid. After 2-3 interweaves, include more hair into the braid by pulling in tiny hair-pieces into the side sections for every cross-over. By the time you reach the nape of your neck, you should have incorporated all of your hair. Thereon, plait the rest of your hair in a standard braid and secure with elastic.

The Updo

To create an intricate triple French braid updo, just repeat the above steps two more times. You'll have three French braids – starting from your hairline all the way down the back of your head and ending at the nape of your neck. Secure the ends together with elastic; wrap the remaining hair around the base of the elastic, tucking in bobby pins as you go to complete your updo. Spritz some hairspray to set your hairstyle for longer wear and you're good to go!

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