Top 15 Easy and Low Maintenance Hairstyles for Square Faces

/ 09.25.2015
Hairstyles for Square Face Shape
Hairstyles for Square Face Shape

Looking for simple, low maintenance hairstyles for your square face? We bring you 15 easy hairstyles that you can sport everywhere!

Ranging from short to long, these hairstyles will help you highlight the most attractive features of your face while beautifully contouring your cheekbones and jawline, so that you look photo-ready at all times!

Let's get started!

1. Short Pixie with Bangs

A short pixie with slightly long bangs looks great on women with square faces. You can go for a straight or wavy pixie and play it up with fancy asymmetrical bangs. The edgy finish of this hairstyle will contour your square face perfectly and make it appear slimmer.

Short Brushed Back Hair
Short Brushed Back Hair

2. Short, Brushed Back Hair

Short, brushed back hair has a very classy appeal and is a great hairstyle for square faces. You can create this style with straight or wavy hair!

To create this short hairstyle, spritz some high lift creation spray on the roots of your hair to give it a boost and make your mane look more voluminous. Brush your hair backwards while blow-drying and set the look for longer wear by spritzing with your favorite hairspray.

Short, brushed back hair is also one of the simplest day-to-night hairstyles. Switch your hair from office-appropriate to party mode by gently scrunching your locks with your fingers!

Asymmetrical bob with an Undercut
  Asymmetrical bob with an Undercut

3. Asymmetrical Bob with an Undercut

To know what this hairstyle for square face looks like, turn to Demi Lovato for inspiration. The sultry beauty has proved that apart from having an inimitable voice, she also has a great sense of fashion when it comes to trying out on-trend hairstyles.

If you want to try an edgy street hairstyle, go for an asymmetrical bob with slightly wavy hair on one side and an undercut on the other. The hairstyle itself is bold enough to draw attention from the angles of a square face. Wear an ear-cuff or a long feathery earring on the undercut side to rock the look!

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4. Classic Long Bob with a Middle Part

A short bob with face framing hair pieces sweeping the corners of your jaw makes your square face look more angular. To create a softer look, go for a classic long bob with elongated front locks. These will help to camouflage the angles beautifully and flatter your face with a long or an oval appearance.

This style works best with straight and wavy hair.

Long Bob with Bangs
  Long Bob with Bangs

5. Long Bob with Blunt Bangs

Looking for a low maintenance hairstyle for your square face? Go for a long bob with blunt bangs! The long bob will even out your square face perfectly and make it appear longer. The blunt bangs will lend an exciting twist to this otherwise simple hairstyle and also help to draw attention to your eyes.

You can make this hairstyle a tad more interesting by going for tie dyed tips. Try a bright ombre hair color or sport an eye-catching shade of red!

The long bob with blunt bangs is one of the hottest hairstyles of the season and quite easy to manage too, so you can enjoy the best of style and comfort!

Barely There Waves for Short Hair
  Barely There Waves for Short Hair

6. Barely There Waves for Short Hair

Looking for a simple hairstyle for your square face? Style your chin-length bob with supple, barely there waves that sweep down the sides of your face and smoothen the angular edges out.

This no-fuss hairstyle is very easy to create and quite low maintenance too. Plus, you can wear it just about anywhere. Remember to work in a tiny amount of strand-smoother serum to make your lovely locks look smooth and shiny!

Pin Straight Hair with an Off-Center Part
  Pin Straight Hair with an Off-Center Part

7. Pin Straight Hair with an Off-Center Part

Sleek, pin-straight hair with an off-center part is the signature hairstyle of celebrities and Hollywood stars. It is a perfect hairstyle for square faces because the straight tresses fall directly over the cheeks, making your face appear narrower.

You don't need very long hair to create this hairstyle. You can flat iron your chin-length hair and set it for longer wear by misting it with some fine hold hairspray. Even better, spritz a small quantity of high lift creation spray on the roots to make your hair look voluminous and instantly transform this day hairstyle into a night 'do!

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8. Retro Waves

Long and loose retro waves look gorgeous on women with square faces. They lend a feminine and elegant charm to a boring hairstyle and are as ideal to wear to work as to sport at a red carpet event. The long waves help to contour the cheeks and make your face look longer.

To create this hairstyle for square faces, you must have at least shoulder-length hair. This vintage hairdo works best with straight or wavy hair. To get a picture-perfect glossy finish, apply a light hairstyling gel before blow-drying your hair.

Side Swept Tousled Hair
  Side Swept Tousled Hair

9. Side Swept Tousled Hair

Simple, yet stylish and in-trend this year, side swept tousled tresses make a great hairstyle for square faces. Depending on the length of your locks, you can create your own version of this popular hairstyle with straight or wavy hair ... and with a little help from a tousle waves hairspray and flat iron. Don't forget to prep your tresses for heat styling by spritzing some heat protectant spray!

Create a deep side part to play up your regular side swept hairstyle and let the tousled texture lend your hairdo an exciting flair. Side swept tousled hairstyles are great for work as well as a night-out on the town!

Zoe Saldana's Messy Romantic Updo
Zoe Saldana's Messy Romantic Updo

10. Messy Romantic Updo

A messy, romantic updo accentuates all the best features of your face and lends it a soft, delicate appeal. Creating this hairstyle for square faces is easier than you think.

Start by back brushing the hair at your crown to create volume. Next, sweep back all face framing hair over the teased section and smooth it out with the back of your hairbrush. Gather all your hair at the nape of your neck; twist it into a bun and secure with bobby pins.

Ponytail with Eyebrow Grazing Bangs
  Ponytail with Eyebrow Grazing Bangs

11. Ponytail with Eyebrow Grazing Bangs

A high ponytail with eyebrow grazing bangs is one of the simplest hairstyles for square faces. While the ponytail helps to secure your hair in place, light, piecey bangs help to cover up a wide forehead and offer a good contrast to the square jawline. Most importantly, this hairstyle helps to draw attention to the eyes, so remember to accentuate your look with light eye make-up.

You can create this hairstyle with medium-length straight, wavy or curly hair. However, in each case, you need to style your bangs (either by blow-drying or by flat ironing) to make them look perfect. Don't forget to mist your bangs with a heat protectant spray before styling them!

Loose Silky Hair
  Loose Silky Hair

12. Loose Silky Hair

Don't wish to overtax your hair with extreme styling? Choose simplicity and wear your silky hair loose!

Loose silky hair looks ravishing on women with square faces. You can create this hairstyle with shoulder-length to long, straight or wavy hair.

Create a middle part and spritz some strand-smoother serum spray on your hair. This will help to remove frizz, detangle knots and make your tresses look smooth and shiny. Brush your hair thoroughly and voilà, you're ready!

Messy Top Knot
Messy Top Knot

13. Messy Top Knot

A messy top knot looks super cute on women with square faces. If you're wondering whether an updo will make your face appear wider, don't worry. A messy, voluminous top knot actually helps to shift attention from an angular chin.

Creating a messy top knot is super easy! Make a high ponytail; divide it into sections and wrap them up, individually, at the base of the pony. Secure your hair pieces with bobby pins as you go. Remember, we're not looking for a perfect finish, so loosen your updo with your fingers to create a cute, messy hairstyle.

Long Layered Hairstyle
  Long Layered Hairstyle

14. Long Layered Hairstyle

A long, layered hairstyle with soft waves helps to even out the angles of a square face. Lend a little drama to this hairstyle by adding bright colored highlights!

Layered hairstyles are quite low maintenance and therefore ideal to wear to work. You must have medium-length to long hair for the layers to show more prominently. What's even better? You can switch to a stylish party look by simply tousling your hair or creating loose waves!

Blake Lively's Hollywood Waves
Blake Lively's Hollywood Waves

15. Luxurious Hollywood Waves

If you want to glam things up a bit, luxurious Hollywood waves make for a great option! This ultra-glamorous hairdo will make you feel like a million bucks and be the center of attention at every party.

To create this drop-dead gorgeous hairstyle, create a side part and back-comb your hair at the roots to create volume. Divide your mane into multiple vertical sections; spritz some heat protectant hairspray on each section before winding it on a flat iron. After setting your hair on the iron, spritz a generous amount of tousle waves hairspray to create gorgeous waves. Once your waves cool down, mist them with a strong-hold hairspray to set the style for longer wear.

You can also sweep all your tousled hair on one side to create a picture-perfect one-shoulder hairstyle!

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