Top 10 Wet Look Hairstyles for Women

/ 11.18.2015
The Best Wet Look Hairstyles for Women
The Best Wet Look Hairstyles for Women

If you often leave home with wet hair, fresh out of the shower, why not adopt the hottest hair trend of the season and look stylish while allowing your tresses to air-dry? Wet look hairstyles have become quite commonplace these days and more and more women are trying them out to skip 15-20 minutes of arduous blow-drying every time they shampoo their hair. In fact, wet look hairstyles also come handy when you haven't washed your hair! Just apply some high-shine styling gel on day 3rd or 4th day tresses and tie them up in a slick pony or a bun to prevent dirty roots from showing and sport and on-trend hairstyle!

We've compiled a list of some of the best wet look hairstyles for women that you can rock on a regular day or create for a special event. No matter what the length or texture of your hair, you'll certainly find plenty of inspiration below!

Wet Look Pixie
Wet Look Pixie

1. Wet Look Pixie

Wear your pixie like a supermodel! Work in a tiny amount of hair styling gel through your damp or dry tresses to lend a wet look to the strands. To pull off a neat and elegant office-appropriate pixie hairstyle, comb and set them your hair in place with side part or brush it back to create slick and trendy look. To make your gelled hair ready for a party, tousle it with your fingers in random directions and create an effortlessly sexy style!

Wet Look Short Bob
Wet Look Short Bob

2. Wet Look Short Bob

Bobs are so popular these days, almost every girl wants to chop her lovely long hair and sport a shorter crop in one form or another. While being one of the most versatile women's hairstyles that suit every face shape, work with all hair textures and look good at any age, a bob is also perfect for trying out a wet look, if you've never tried it before!

To lend a lustrous wet look finish to your hair, run some hairstyling gel on your damp hair, finger-comb your strands and scrunch them in the palms of your hands to achieve a natural-looking tousled hairstyle. For a more controlled look, comb your hair in place using a fine-toothed hairbrush and you're done!

Try these styles out to see if the wet look is for you and if it is, does it look better when you wear your gelled short bob slightly messy or styled neatly to perfection.

Wet Look Fake Short Hawk
Wet Look Fake Short Hawk

3. Wet Look Short Faux Hawk

If you've tried the wet look on your bob haircut before and loved it, here's an interesting way to make your hairstyle look edgy – create a wet look short faux hawk!

After applying gel on your short hair, create a side part, sweep back all your hair on the smaller side and secure it behind your ears using bobby pins. Let your hair on the other side remain loose to make it looks longe and you have a trendy wet look short faux hawk – that too without a haircut!

This short hairstyle is chic and fun; as edgy as it may seem, it is totally wearable to the workplace as well as to a night-out on the town!

Slick Updo
Slick Updo

4. Slick Updo

Looking to wear your hair differently for a party? A wet look updo will give you the best of both style and comfort, and have you steal the limelight at any glam event.

To replicate Barbara Palvin's slick updo as shown in the image above, apply a tiny amount of extreme styling gel on smooth, detangled tresses and trace out a side part using a tail comb. Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and secure it into a ponytail. Twist the ponytail like a rope and wrap it around the base of the elastic, tucking in bobby pins as you go to secure the loop. Spritz some hairspray to set every single strand in place and seal your updo for longer wear.

A slick updo works best with dramatic eye make-up. If you want a softer shine, replace the extreme styling gel with a low-shine hair styling cream.

Voluminous Slicked Back Hairstyle
Voluminous Slicked Back Hairstyle

5. Slicked Back Hair

There are many ways to style loose hair, most of which can be done at home. However, if you're bored of tousled waves, loose curls and other texturized hairstyles, a slicked back hairstyle could be right up your alley!

Chic and unique, slicked back hair works best with thick shoulder-length to medium hair – preferably straight or wavy – and takes 5 minutes to create.

After applying some strong hold styling gel on your damp or dry hair, brush back all your tresses and spritz some bold control hairspray to set your hairstyle for longer wear. Pick out a nice outfit and put on some sultry makeup to make heads turn wherever you go!

Wet Look Hollywood Waves
Wet Look Hollywood Waves

6. High-Shine Hollywood Waves

Hollywood waves are an epitome of glamour. Lend a wet-look finish to the pretty curves and your style quotient will rise up by several notches!

This hairstyle works best with medium-length to long hair, either straight or wavy. Make a clean side part and mist your tresses with a generous spritz of heat protectant hairspray before curling them on a medium-barreled curling iron. Pin up each curled section and allow it to cool and set. When your curls are set, let them down and brush them gently to break up the coils and create a wavy texture.

Smooth over some high-shine styling gel on the top layers of your hair and through the wavy pieces to lend your hairstyle a lustrous finish. Spritz some strong hold hairspray all over your mane to set your glamour waves for longer wear.

Have somewhere fancy to be? Try out high-shine Hollywood waves!

Wet Look Pony with a Quiff
Wet Look Pony with a Quiff

7. Wet Look Ponytail with a Quiff

This chic three-in-one hairstyle combines the top hair trends of the season – the wet look, the ponytail and the quiff.

This hairstyle works best with shoulder-length to medium hair and is created in parts, starting first with the wet look finish.

Work in some extreme style gel through your hair and comb it thoroughly to spread the product. Next, section off about 2 inches of face-framing hair and pin it into a quiff using bobby pins, bumping the section forward as you go to add some height. Adjust the shape of the quiff with your fingers and make it look a little tousled. Finally, rake up and gather all your hair at the back of your head and tie it into a ponytail using elastic.

Quick and easy – this wet look hairstyle is indeed a multi-tasker. Not only does it keep pesky hair off the face and back but also makes us look awesome!

Wet Look Messy Chignon
Wet Look Messy Chignon

8. Sleek, Messy Chignon

How many times have you come out of the shower wishing your wet hair to miraculously style itself and save you loads of detangling, blow-drying and styling time? Consider your wish granted!

A sleek, messy chignon is the perfect answer to wanting to leave your wet hair be and not spending time and energy on detangling and styling, which is just great because wet hair is prone to breakage and all these techniques do more harm than good to our precious locks!

To style your wet hair, apply spritz some low-shine strand-smoother serum all over your tresses, gather them at the nape of your neck or the back of your head and tie them up in a chignon, securing the updo with bobby pins.

(Important tip: Never use elastic to secure wet hair as your strands may get entwined in it and break when you untie your updo.)

Once done, dab your hair with a tiny amount of hair styling gel to achieve a glossy finish.

Another great advantage of wearing a sleek, messy chignon is that when you untie your hair after a few hours, it will have a subtle, naturally tousled effect!

Sleek, Shiny Ponytail
Sleek, Shiny Ponytail

9. Ultra-Glossy Long Ponytail

Another super easy hairstyle to create in less than 5 minutes, an ultra-glossy ponytail looks very elegant and is ideal to wear to work as well as to a glam event.

The key to creating a perfect slick ponytail with your medium-length to long hair is to have smooth, detangled strands. Whether your hair is freshly shampooed or unwashed for 2-3 days, this wet look hairstyle will ensure that your mane looks perfectly groomed.

Trying to achieve an ultra-glossy finish does not necessary mean that you pile your hair with products, especially if your hair is unwashed or prone to natural greasiness. Therefore, dab your hair with some styling gel after you've tied the ponytail so that while the top layers look glossy, your hair is not weighed down by a product overload.

Wear this neat and sleek hairstyle to work, to a party, to a date or even to a wedding!

Wet Look Top Knot
Wet Look Top Knot

10. Wet Look Top Knot

Wet look hair can be worn in an incredible variety of ways, but sometimes it's best to keep things simple. If you're looking for a fuss-free updo that will take two minutes to create, keep all your hair off your face and back, hide dirty roots and look stylish at the same time - a wet look top knot will serve your purpose perfectly.

To create this runway-esque updo, rub a dime-sized amount of styling gel in your strands, brush and gather your tresses around the crown of your head and wrap them in a knot, tucking in bobby pins as your go. Spritz some strong hold hairspray to make your updo stay put throughout the day and step out looking your stylish best!


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