Top 10 Trendy Haircuts to Get in 2016

/ 01.15.2016
Hottest Haircuts of 2016
Hottest Haircuts of 2016

Last year truly made us step out of our comfort zones and experiment with edgier looks. Apart from the versatile long bob, we saw a host of bolder haircuts rise to prominence (remember undercuts, half-hawks and buzz cuts à la Charlize Theron?). However, as seen at Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016, it seems like this year we'll let our hair down and embrace cuts and styles that come to us most naturally.

Which haircuts will continue to dominate fashion trends in 2016? Which ones will become last-year's fads? Will any of the classics get re-invented this year? Read on to discover 10 of the trendiest haircuts for 2016:

1. Short Asymmetrical Cuts

Short, asymmetrical haircuts have garnered a lot of popularity in recent times and for all the good reasons. For one, they look good at any age. You can also try out a variety of options ranging from super short to medium-length for your straight, wavy or curly hair. Besides lending a sneak-peak into the stylish side of your personality, they're also incredibly low maintenance and can be styled in minutes. If you're fond of wearing your hair short, an asymmetrical cut will be a perfect option to start your new year looking bold and beautiful. However, do take your face shape and features into due consideration before chopping off your precious locks.

Piecey Bob with Bangs
Piecey Bob with Bangs

2. Piecey Bobs

We just can't get enough of bob haircuts. However, although we all love them, they can be quite tricky to get just right. Enter piecey bob – a failsafe haircut that looks good on most women, especially those with fine hair. With soft layers that add a sense of volume to your mane, piecey bobs look fun and trendy. No wonder they're one of the hottest haircuts of 2016!

If you are planning to get the trim, ask your hair stylist to add subtle layering and piecey ends that will look good both flipped and blown-out. For some on-trend inspiration on how to get the perfect piecey bob, check out Rachel McAdam's haircut.

3. Layered Bobs

Sleek, smart and super stylish – a layered bob takes you places where no other haircut can. In fact, for the past few years it has been one of the most requested haircuts at salons all over the country, and is set to maintain its stronghold over haircut trends this year too.

There are several reasons why this haircut works for everyone. You can vary the length of your haircut as per what suits you best (not to forget, what's easier to maintain!), however, it's the layers that make all the magic happen. If you have very fine hair, a layered haircut can add a sense of volume and make your head look fuller. At the same time, if you have a dense mane, layers can also help to slash out excess volume and lend you a sleek, balanced look. For a surefire haircut that'll look good on you no matter what, get your hair chopped at shoulder-length.

Long Bob
Long Bob

4. Long Bobs

Wear it blunt with bangs or tousle it up to show the fun side of your personality – the long bob never fails to impress. As the king (or queen) of haircuts, the long bob or lob will continue to command popularity all through 2016. A versatile haircut that suits all women, can be customized to work with all types and textures of hair and also styled in multiple ways – we have so many reasons to trade in our haircut for a long bob. Do you?

Chest-Length Haircut
Chest-Length Haircut

5. Classic Chest-length Haircuts

Long, silky-smooth tresses never go out of fashion. If you're fond of sporting lush, long hair, a chest-length haircut will suit your fancy perfectly, while giving you the ease of maintenance and the relevance of a classic style. There are many benefits of sporting chest-length hair. To begin with, it looks ultra-feminine. You can wear your hair braided, in an updo or simply let loose. You can experiment with textures and take care of your tresses with relative ease as compared to longer, back-grazing tresses. All in all, this is an ideal hair length to go for if you love to try new styles.

Top tip: To make your haircut look prim and proper, get the tips snipped every 4-6 weeks.

Choppy Hair with Gradated Layers
Choppy Hair with Gradated Layers

7. Choppy Hair with Gradated Layers

A choppy haircut with graduated layers is ideal for making the mane look full and gorgeous. If you're bored of wearing your hair in a simple lob and want to try something exciting without seeming too fashion-forward, this is the haircut to go for this year. While the length of your hair would be just right for easy maintenance and stability, the layers will add an interesting dimension to your mane, making it appear lush and giving you a hair makeover.

Asymmetrical, Piecey Waves
Asymmetrical, Piecey Waves

7. Asymmetric/ Piecey Cuts for Textured Hair

Since 2016 is all about getting back to the roots and embracing the natural texture of your hair, it only makes sense to go for a haircut that allows the pretty curves in your mane to show.

An asymmetrical haircut will allow your wavy hair to retain its gorgeous original structure, instead of losing it all to a flat trim. In case of curly tresses, a piecey cut will help to lend a more definitive shape to your hair and make it look and feel less bulky. Albeit helping to add dimension and movement to the mane, asymmetrical haircuts are difficult to achieve, which is why you should not try to chop your tresses at home, but rather leave your precious locks in the hands of an expert coiffeur.

Tapered Bangs
Tapered Bangs

8. Tapered Bangs

Bangs are undoubtedly incredible for changing or reinventing your look without sacrificing the overall length of your precious tresses. This is perhaps the reason why they've been around since ages and will continue to stay popular in 2016 too. However, a smart move to prep your hair for an effortless style change is to go for long, tapered bangs that will grow out and blend seamlessly with the rest of your hair in a couple of months. Now that's two looks at the cost of one, plus your hair never hits the awkward stage!

Medium-length hair is best suited for this cut as the fringes can match up to the length of the rest of your hair quickly, without appearing as if it overstayed its welcome.

Retro Fringe
Retro Fringe

9. Retro Fringe

The good ol' retro fringe is set to make a dashing comeback in 2016 and if style predictions are to be trusted, they'll surely be everywhere this year – right from runways to sideways to social media!

From '50s-style super short 'Roman Holiday' bangs to eye-grazing see-throughs of the '60s to long, parted, wispy forelocks of the '70s – we'll see a revival of many a classic vintage fringe styles in 2016. If you're planning to change your look this year but aren't too sure about cutting off all your hair, try out a retro fringe to look both chic and unique in 2016.

10. Under-shaves

Just because we mentioned that 2016 will be all about going au naturel with your haircut, it doesn't mean that you can't indulge in a little bit of fun. Although not all of us can brave an extreme undercut (guilty!) but how about an under-shave instead? Instead of shaving off most of your hair on the sides and back, you can take the plunge with just a tiny patch around the nape of your neck or on top of your ear and leave the rest of your hair as-is. Instagram is loaded with ideas and inspiration on #undershaved haircuts – simple ones, those with interesting geometrical patters and plenty more with neon colors! Why not give this trend a dry run this year?

The best part – you can choose to show-off your edgy haircut when you want and keep it under covers at other times!

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