Top 10 Runway Inspired Men's Hairstyles for Work

/ 09.16.2015
Top 10 Runway Inspired Hairstyles for Men
  Top 10 Runway Inspired Hairstyles for Men

When it comes to summing up the hottest hairstyle trends surrounding Fashion Week, women get most of our attention. We certainly don't want to leave the men lurking in the dark, so we thought it'd be a great idea to talk about super influential runway hairstyles that men can execute in their 9 to 5 lives.

We understand that guys don't like to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror every morning styling their coif. Most professional jet-setting men want simple gentleman hairstyles, that match their unique personality and profession, make them look clean and in-control, and do not include the use of too many hairstyling products.

Another factor that working men must consider is hair length. Given the simplicity and time and cost-efficiency of shorter hairstyles, most guys do not sport long manes. But who said short hairstyles could not be fashionable? No one!

We've compiled a list of the top 10 runway-inspired hairstyles for men with short hair. If you are one of those gentlemen who haven't given much thought to hairstyling, here are some low-maintenance inspirations for you:

Short Choppy Bangs
Short Choppy Bangs

1. Short Choppy Bangs

If you think you can't do much with your short, fine hair, you've obviously never thought of adding some texture and movement to it. We recommend short, choppy bangs for you. This short, lightweight, airy hairstyle for men would frame your face beautifully and create interesting texture. You can style the piecey bangs the way you want – get a tapered cut for a modish style or try out slightly longer bangs to cover-up a broad forehead.

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it does not require heavy-duty styling or maintenance. You just need a couple of seconds (yes, seconds) to fix your hair in the morning before heading out for the day. To maintain this low-key, yet fashionable look, visit a hair salon every 6 to 8 weeks to get a regular trim.

Classic Side Sweep
Classic Side Sweep

2. Classic Side Sweep

If you don't feel too experimental and want to go for a safe men's hairstyle, then the classic side sweep will fit your bill perfectly.

For decades now, the classic side sweep has been the go-to-hairstyle for men wanting to look formal and well-groomed. The greatest advantage with this style is that it can be created with any type or texture of hair!

This simple hairstyle comprises a side part with flat hair on each side. Men with slightly longer hair may like to sweep and set it with pomade or a styling gel.

Messy Side Sweep
Messy Side Sweep

3. Messy Side Sweep

If you wish to be a tad more adventurous with a simple hairstyle, you can try out the messy side sweep. This hairstyle, as the name suggests, consists of a side part and hair deliberately messed-up – ever-so-slightly – to create a ruffled look.

The messy side part is one of the top runway hairstyles for men that can be replicated by any guy who wants to add a touch of cool-casual to his formal, professional appearance. The hairstyle is best created with slightly longer, wavy hair. If you wish to try out this look, remember to use a deconstruction gum to twist and tousle individual hair pieces and give them a good hold.

Scrunched Hair
Scrunched Hair

4. Scrunched Hair

The next best thing to bedhead hair? Scrunched hair!

Scrunched hair has ruled runways throughout the year and has, by far, been the most adopted hairstyle sported by working men who want to sport a slightly nifty coiffage.

This cool and messy, groom-to-go men's hairstyle works best with naturally wavy hair and can be created in a couple of minutes. Before you begin, smooth in a tiny blob of hair putty to add texture, control and shine to your hair. Next, scrunch your hair with your fingers to sculpt individual sections and create a crumpled look. Depending upon the length of your hair, you can switch between pulled-up and side-swept scrunches for work. That's two hairstyles in one!

Swept Back Hair
Swept Back Hair

5. Swept Back Style

Swept back hair is an iconic male model look. There are several benefits of sweeping back your hair. For starters, it keeps hair off your face and saves you the hassle of fixing it every now and then. Most importantly, swept back hair helps to draw attention to your eyes. So, if you have medium-length hair and want to create a sharp and dynamic look, you can count on this hairstyle.

This men's hairstyle is best created with wavy hair. Before you style your hair, remember to work-in some hair styling gel to lend it texture, shine and hold. You need not use a comb to brush your hair; just run your fingers through your mane to create a natural-looking hairstyle that looks great at all times – whether you are in a business meeting or at the club!

Back Brushed Hair
Back Brushed Hair

6. Back Brushed Hair

Back brushed hair is just a neater, more controlled (and slightly vintage) version of the swept back style; as the name suggests, it comprises using a hair brush to comb back your tresses. Seen quite frequently on runways, this men's hairstyle is easily adaptable at the workplace too.

You don't just back brush your hair, you embody the style! To carry the back brushed hairstyle like a natural, you must have the right personality and attitude. Also do bear in mind that this hairstyle may make your forehead appear broader, and you, way older than your actual age. So go for this hairstyle only if you have classic facial features.

Back brushed hair can be created with straight, wavy or curly hair. For best effects, we strongly recommend working-in a small amount of strong hold hair styling gel or a hyper fix putty to keep every strand in place and achieve a glossy finish.

Long Side Parted Hair
Long Side Parted Hair

7. Long Side Part

Ever thought you could wear the 'boy-next-door' look to work? Well, you certainly can! The long side part is such a simple hairstyle that we often forget that it is a carefully thought-out hairdo. But honestly, it is actually as simple as it looks!

The long side part is a popular runway hairstyle for men that you can replicate and wear to work. This hairstyle looks fresh, light, low-key and youthful – all at the same time. It is also low-maintenance – perhaps the biggest reason why it's so popular! You need not weigh your hair down with a whole bunch of hairstyling products. Plus, there's a variety of ways to brush your hair.

The long side part is apt for men with straight or wavy hair. Give your hairdo a perfect finish by applying some styling gel before brushing your hair.

Voluminous Side Part
Voluminous Side Part

8. Voluminous Side Part

If you have long top hair, a voluminous side part will help you style it with finesse. Voluminous side parts are great for men with thick wavy or curly hair. The style comprises creating a deep side part and having more hair volume on one side of the head.

To work up a perfect voluminous side part, massage-in a dash of hyper fix putty in your hair – from the roots to the tips. This will give your hair the added texture and hold it requires for perfect styling. Gently sweep hair on both sides of the part to set it in place; you can use your fingers for a more casual appearance or a back brush for a more polished finish.

The voluminous side part is quite a versatile men's hairstyle that you can wear just about anywhere!

Slicked Wet Look
Slicked Wet Look

9. Slicked Wet Look

Want to look like a boss, à la Leo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall street? Don't think twice and hit the slicked wet look!

The slicked wet look for men oozes style and panache. It is strictly-business and sexy at the same time. It is the signature hairstyle of classy gentlemen and if you're after a polished look that'll be a style statement in itself, then go for the slick wet look.

To create this hairstyle, you should have slightly long hair that can ideally be brushed back or sideways. Plus, you'll need loads of styling gel or mousse to lend your hair that smooth, polished and ultra-glossy look.

There are several ways to sculpt this popular men's runway hairstyle. You can sweep back all your hair or create a side part and slick your hair sideways, depending on whichever style you fancy. The slicked wet look is best-suited for formal occasions, black tie events and professional meetings. But if you're confident enough to sport it to work every day, go ahead!

Undercut Hair
Undercut Hair

10. The Undercut

For those of you who aren't afraid of packing a punch with your coif, there's the undercut! As the trendiest men's hairstyle of the times and certainly a popular coiffage seen on runways, the undercut lends some edginess to the classic 'working man' image.

The undercut offers a modern spin to traditional barbershop fades. If you have longish hair and a knack for sporting edgy hairstyles to work, the undercut is worth giving a shot. The shaved sides offer a great contrast to the long hair on the top of the head. You can brush-back your top hair and set it with hairspray or use a styling gel to create a side-swept look. Make your undercut look extra manly by growing some stubble!


Runway Inspired Men's Hairstyles
Runway Inspired Men's Hairstyles

If you are looking for some trendy and low-maintenance men's hairstyles that don't give the impression that you spend way too much time styling your hair every morning (or spend too much on hair styling products!), you'll surely find these hairstyles very handy for a steady, stylish, everyday look.

These looks are hot from the runway, so make 'em your own before everyone else does!

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