Top 10 Men's Hairstyles for Curly Hair of All Lengths

/ 11.17.2015
Best hairstyles for men with curly hair
Best hairstyles for men with curly hair

Although it's not unusual for men to embrace the natural texture of their hair, these days stylish gents are rocking their curls like never before! A curly texture adds tons of volume to limp hair, making the mane look lush and voluminous and giving you a brand new hairstyle.

Whether you're looking for a new haircut for your curly mane or just want to switch to a different coiffage, draw inspiration from these awesome curly hairstyles for men:

Tamed Short Curls
Tamed Short Curls

1. Tamed Short Curls

This one's our favorite hairstyle for men with naturally curly hair!

What we love about this short hairstyle is that the top is just long enough to lend texture and movement to the mane, without piling the head with volume. Tamed short curls suit every face shape and can be styled quite easily too.

When you get a haircut, make sure that the length of your strands is just long enough to show the natural pattern of your curls. In other words, don't cut your hair too short, as that may make your coils lose their appeal.

Just work in some pliable hair styling gel and set your hair with your fingers to sport a neat and polished short hairstyle that will make you look good both on and off duty!

Curly Side Part
Curly Side Part

2. Curly Side Part

Whether you have tight curls or loose coils, a neat hairstyle with a side part will ensure that you make the most of your natural hair texture and look good in an effortless manner. The key to making this short curly hairstyle work is choosing a hair part that suits your face shape.

A curly side-parted hairstyle is ideal to wear to work. Set individual hair pieces with some deconstructing gum or work in a tiny amount of hair styling gel to achieve a polished finish. While a side sweep will serve as an elegant, office-appropriate hairstyle, a slight tousle will make your mane party-ready in seconds!

Swept Back Curls
Swept Back Curls

3. Swept-Back Curls

A swept-back hairstyle is ideal for men who don't have a specific curl pattern.

The best thing about this short hairstyle is that it can be pulled off just about anywhere. The edgy finish of this style lends it a vogueish appeal, while the curls add texture and movement to the mane, making it look full and well groomed.

Swept-back curls work best with square and oval face shapes, with a well-defined jawline. However, it is important to have slightly longer top hair and tapered sides to make the curly effect stand out.

Spritz some curl taming serum on your hair to manage and set your curls and sweep back your hair with your fingers to create an on trend hairstyle ideal for both work and play!

Messy Wind-Swept Curls
Messy Wind-Swept Curls

4. Messy Wind-Swept Curls

If you're into 'woke up like this' looks, messy, airy curls will fit your bill perfectly!

A perfect alternative to tight, faded hairstyles for men, wind-swept curls perfectly leverage the natural texture of your hair and look incredibly stylish. Besides, the upward sweep also adds a few inches to your stature!

An important point to bear in mind while getting your hair trimmed is to go for a choppy look with slightly longer top hair and medium-length sides and back.

This hairstyle looks very chic, very fresh and is best-suited for men with square or oval face shapes. If you have a round face and want to have a dry run with messy, wind-swept curls, go for slightly longer hair (closer to the length of your top hair) on the sides and at the back of your head for an overall proportionate look.

Give your curls a breezy finish by sweeping up and styling your top hair with a tiny amount of hair putty and sport your cool and messy hairstyle at a party!

Boho-Chic Curly
Boho-Chic Curly

5. Boho-Chic Curls

With lots of layers, movement and texture, this short hairstyle for men has a distinct bohemian vibe about it. The charm of boho-chic curls lies in their carefully unkempt finish.

A boho-chic curly hairstyle is apt for men with medium-length hair; it features a uniform hair length all over, except for slightly longer top locks that are either brushed forward or swept to the side to create an effortlessly natural look. You can wear your hair with our without a side part as well as sweep the face-framing sections over your forehead to create an impression of a fringe!

Tweak your styling technique to make your boho-chic hairstyle work for any face shape. For example, if you have a long or an oval face shape, simply finger-comb your face-framing hair forward to cover your forehead and make your face look less elongated. If you have a round face, create a side-swept hairstyle that softly frames your face at appropriate angles and go for longer sideburns that contour your cheeks. To flaunt your strong square jawline, go for a shorter crop that will make your hairstyle look softer and help you highlight your best facial feature!

Brushed Forward Curly
Brushed Forward Curly

6. Brushed Forward Curls

If you don't like pulled-back hairstyles, there's always an option to brush your curls forward and wear your hair differently!

Brushed forward curls look incredible on men with long face shapes as the forelocks help to cover up and contour a wide forehead. The curly texture adds to the uniqueness of the hairstyle, making you look dapper.

To make this hairstyle work, not only should your top hair be longer than the hair on the sides and the back but should also be cut in layers so that the volume on the top of your head looks evenly distributed.

There are many ways to style your brushed forward curls, but the best ones are paired with a side part. Make your hairstyle look sleek and sophisticated by applying a tiny amount of clean styling gel in your mane or work in some deconstructing gum to achieve a flawless brushed forward hairstyle with a matte finish.

Cool Boy Curly
Cool Boy Curly

7. Cool Boy Curly Hairstyle

This neat and cool hairstyle features natural curls that are trimmed closer to the head on the sides of the face than on the top. Ideal for medium-length hair, this curly hairstyle looks good on all face shapes. It's full of texture and movement and has a natural, relaxed vibe about it.

The interesting thing about this curly hairstyle is that while it borders cool-casual, it does not look untidy, which is why you can wear it just about anywhere – to work, to college, a wedding or even on a date-night!

While wash-and-go looks are quite easy to achieve with this length and texture of hair, you can style your curls every now and then by working in a tiny amount of hair styling gel to lend those gorgeous curves a sleek finish.

Side-Swept Curls
Side-Swept Curls

8. Side-Swept Curls

One of the poshest hairstyles for curly hair, side-swept curls lend your mane a well-groomed and controlled look. If you don't like to experiment with your hair and would rather choose a safe hairstyle that you can wear to work or to more casual engagements, this hairstyle could be right up your street.

The magic of this hairstyle actually lies in the way you wear it. Opt for a neat and polished look by creating a sharp side part and combing your curly, gelled hair in place or play up your natural curls by styling them with some deconstructing gum for a party.

As with any side-swept hairstyle, it is important to have slightly longer hair to add an appearance of volume and height without making the entire head look too puffy.

Mid-length Curly Bob for Men
Mid-length Curly Bob for Men

9. Curly Bob

The hairstyle of artists and dreamers – curly man bobs are quite hot right now and don't seem to be going anywhere at least for the next couple of seasons. (We mean, despite the all dragons and white walkers, isn't John Snow's adorable locks the best thing about Game of Thrones?)

This trendy hairstyle works best with longer hair and resembles a chin-length (or longer) bob sported by women. However, the curly bob for men has nothing effeminate about it! In fact, the length of the tresses allows the natural texture of the curls to show more prominently, which in turn make the mane look full and manly!

The interesting thing about these contemporary bobs is that they offer a modern take on the '70s retro hairstyles for men, the greatest example and source of inspiration being the most iconic front man in the history of rock music – The Doors lead singer Jim Morrison!

There are many ways to style a curly bob. However, the best way to unleash your curls is to work in some deconstructing gum or hair fix putty through your damp hair and scrunch your locks with your fingers to achieve an effortlessly natural finish that lasts all day.

Middle Part Curly
Middle Part Curly

10. Curly Bob with a Middle Part

A tad unkempt as compared to a classic man bob discussed above, this variation is ideal for those of you with very curly hair. A middle part helps to distribute your hair evenly throughout your head and lends you a balanced hairstyle.

However, when it comes to sporting a dapper hairstyle, the hair part is not the only determining factor; to make this curly bob work, your hair must be cut the right way to begin with! While the base of your hair must be trimmed at shoulder-length, the layers should be left longer, as should be your top hair, in order to distribute the weight evenly across your head.

When trimmed with precision, long, curly bobs look fabulous on all face shapes. They have a quaint Greco-Roman feel about them but can certainly be styled to look hip and on trend.


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