Top 10 Hairstyles for Straight Hair from Instagram

/ 10.22.2015
Best Hairstyles for Straight Hair from Instagram
Best Hairstyles for Straight Hair from Instagram

Women with naturally straight hair look effortlessly gorgeous. However, even with the most elegant and easy to manage hair texture, we often run out of ideas to style our precious locks. Sounds like you? Do you want to break your monotonous hairstyling routine and explore some on trend straight hairstyles that you can sport every now and then?

We've picked out some of the very best hairstyles for straight hair from Instagram and compiled them exclusively for you. From short hair to long locks, whatever your hair length may be, you're sure to find some really awesome straight hairstyle inspiration to try!

1. Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

If you have short, straight hair, an asymmetrical bob with bangs will suit you perfectly! The good thing about this straight hairstyle is that it looks good on women of all ages. The piecey trims of the bob makes your hair look voluminous while the straight hair texture makes sure that your hairstyle does not look too big.

Pair your asymmetrical bob with bangs to get an on trend hairstyle. If you have a long face shape, a fringe will help to cover up your forehead and make your face look less elongated. This straight hairstyle is also great for women with round faces because a feathery trim frames the face beautifully, making the cheeks appear less wide.

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2. The Wet Look

Another trendy hairstyle for straight hair, the wet look sweeps your hair away from your face in the most stylish manner and lends you a posh, glamorous appeal.

This hairstyle looks best on shoulder-length hair and is super easy to create. To get a perfect wet look for your short, straight hair, work in a tiny amount of styling gel through your damp tresses and brush your hair back. To make your hairstyle stay put for long hours, spritz some bold control hairspray!

Wear this elegant hairstyle to a board meeting at work or at a cocktail party with friends!

3. Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid is a perfect hairstyle for your pin-straight tresses. The smooth texture of your hair allows the braid to appear quite prominently and lends this hairstyle a neat, intricate appeal.

To make a waterfall braid, apply some strand smoother serum on your hair to make your tresses smooth and shiny. Make a hair part; you can go for a side part or a middle part, depending on which one suits you better.

Take a small section of face framing hair, sweep it to the back and divide it into three sections; make a regular braid with the sections, plaiting only once. Grab another section of hair from the side and merge it with the original top piece of your braid. Keep adding hair sections to the top pieces of your braid and plait it all the way to the back of your head (Please refer to the image above for details)

Repeat the steps until you've made two French braids on either side of your hair part and all the way to the back. Secure the ends with bobby pins or merge both the braids and tie them up using a hair elastic!

Sport this charming mermaid hairstyle at work, wear it to college or pull it off as a date night hairstyle!

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4. Diagonal Part

One of the most interesting ways to wear your straight hair loose is to make a diagonal part. Start with a slanted side part near your hairline and change it to a middle part as you move towards the crown of your head. The side part will lend an angular contour to your forehead and look like faux bangs, adding an edgy finish to your straight hairstyle! The middle part around the crown will help to distribute hair evenly and make your mane look voluminous.

To make your straight hairstyle look sleek and beautiful, mist your tresses with some strand smoother serum spray to detangle knots and lend a soft shine to your strands.

This simple yet gorgeous hairstyle takes less than a minute to create and you can totally pull it off just about anywhere!

5. Side-Parted Hair with Quiff

If you have medium length to long straight hair and want to sport a different hairstyle every once in a while, can style your gorgeous hair with a side part and a quiff. Both quiff and side part are in vogue right now and we've seen plenty of interesting combinations of the two hair trends on the Fashion Week runways this season.

This hairstyle looks good on everyone. In fact, you can also wear it with or without bangs. To create a side-parted hairstyle with quiff, start by spritzing some high lift creation spray on the roots along your hairline. This will give your hair a boost and add texture to your strands. Next, create a soft side part. Section off about 1" of face framing hair right above your forehead on both sides of the part. On the side opposite your part, tease about 2 inches of hair right behind the sectioned-off piece to make a small quiff. Spritz the teased section with some bold control hairspray to set it for longer wear.

Use the back of your comb to even out the sectioned-off hair over the teased piece and make your quiff look smooth. Secure the end of the quiff with bobby pins. Should you want, you can also hide the pins by wearing a thin Alice headband!

This hairstyle does not take more than 5 minutes to create. So you can always bank on it, especially on rushed mornings!

6. Gorgeous Half-Up Pomp Hair

Isn't this hairstyle simply gorgeous? It looks salon-styled and even makes you look taller by drawing the eyes upwards.

If you don't like to wear your straight hair loose, give it a stylish upgrade by going for a half-up pomp hairstyle! The technique to create a voluminous pompadour (pomp) for this gorgeous party hairstyle is the same as that for creating a quiff. But once you're done teasing and setting your front hair section, you need to sweep up your hair on the sides and pin it up at the crown of your head using bobby pins. And that's it!

So, would you give this fun and stylish hairstyle a try? Would you wear it to office or to a date? Let us know!

7. Sleek Vintage Chignon

A beautiful hairstyle for medium length hair that you can wear to work, a party or even a wedding, the sleek chignon is one of our favorite straight hair updos! Pair it with a beehive and rock a glamorous vintage hairstyle!

Make a side part and sweep your face framing hair on both sides at the back of your head; overlap one on top of the other and secure with bobby pins. Gather all your loose hair at the nape of your neck and tie it into a one-fold ponytail. Pull up the sides of the folded pony and pin them up in a fan-like shape to make an elegant chignon. Spritz your sleek vintage chignon with a generous amount of hairspray to make it stay put for longer wear.

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8. Low Bun with a Middle Part

Looking for a simple 2-minute straight hairstyle? Let your gorgeous hair down and wrap it in a low bun at the nape of your neck.

The straight hair texture of your hair lends this hairstyle a smooth, polished finish. Scale up this sleek hairdo by pairing it with a middle part and you're ready for anything!

You can wear a middle-parted low bun anywhere and everywhere. Dab some styling gel on your tresses for a super glossy finish or spritz some strand smoother serum spray along the length of your tresses for a more natural looking shine.

9. Slicked Back Hair

It's not every day that you sculpt your straight tresses into a glamorous hairstyle, but when you do, ensure that it makes you look like a show stopper!

A slicked back hairstyle does exactly that.

This hairstyle works best with medium length hair. Pair it with a bouffant and lend it a chic, retro finish. To create this hairstyle, mist your hair with strand smoother serum spray to detangle knots and make your strands smooth and shiny. Make two side parts, comb back your hair on either side and secure it at the back of your head using bobby pins.

Section-off about 2 inches of your loose face framing hair and tease the remaining section just behind it to build height and volume. Spritz some bold control hairspray on the section and cover it with your loose face-framing hair. Use the back of your comb to tame cowlicks and flyways, and make your bouffant smooth and polished.

With your hair brushed off your face and secured in an ultra-glamorous slicked back hairstyle, you have the perfect chance to show off your gorgeous face and make-up!

10. Stylish High Pony

Ponytails are in major trend this season. Not only do they look good on every women but can also be styled in a wonderful variety of ways. If you wish to give your regular ponytail a modish upgrade, go for a trendy high pony. It's sleek, it's stylish and it helps you keep your hair in control! Most importantly, it is very easy to create too!

To get a perfect finish, it is important that your straight hair is free of any tangles, knots and frizz. Apply some frizz vanishing cream through your tresses to make them soft, straight and smooth. Use a fine-toothed comb to brush your hair and gather it at the crown of your head. Tie your high ponytail with an elastic and spritz some fine control hairspray to tame flyways and give your voguish hairstyle a super sleek finish.

Office, party, supermarket, movies, date or even a wedding – there's hardly a place where you can't sport your stylish high ponytail!

Which of these straight hairstyles did you like and which ones are you going to try? Let us know!

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