Top 10 Hair Trends for Winter 2015-2016

/ 12.09.2015
Top Hair Trends for Winter 2015-2016
  Top Hair Trends for Winter 2015-2016

While battling the frigid weather and keeping up appearances isn't easy in winters, you've got to cheer up and look your very best, since it is also the holiday season – a time for revelries with family and nonstop partying with friends! We've handpicked the top 10 hair trends for winter 2015-2016 that'll go perfectly with your layered jackets, rosy cheeks and snug hats and add a little sparkle to your personal style this season:

Hair Tuck Trend
Hair Tuck Trend

1/ Hair Tuck

The intriguing hair tuck trend has indeed taken the fashion world by a storm. Never before were women more comfortable to tuck in their loose hair inside their winter jackets and step out of the door! This get-go look has several benefits. Not only does it protect loose hair from harsh natural elements such as wind and frost, but also helps to keep the back of the neck warm and snug. Plus, it gives out an impression of shorter hair and looks super chic too!

You can totally pull off this boho-chic look this winter by tucking in your loose strands inside a parka, a dress coat or a turtleneck, and feel toasty while being outdoors. Now that's how fashion meets functionality!

Faux Bob
Faux Bob

2/ Faux Bob

Short hairstyles always look hot. However, not all of us have the courage or the willingness to cut our long hair. Enter: the faux bob – a hot 'n' sweet winter hairstyle that best exemplifies the saying, 'fake it till you make it'!

Faux bobs can be created with all textures of hair – straight, wavy and curly. Just work in a tiny amount of frizz vanishing cream through your strands to make them soft, smooth and easy to style. Create a side part, gently comb your hair through and divide it into 4-5 vertical sections. Roll under each section and secure it around the nape of your neck using bobby pins to create a faux bob.

Alternative style: If you have thick textured hair, gather it into a loose low ponytail at the nape of your neck; pull the elastic out till the middle of the pony and create a furrow; roll under and tuck in the loose end of the pony inside the furrow and secure it with bobby pins.

A 'trompe l'oeil' never looked so glamorous before! What do you think? Would you wear your hair in a faux bob this winter?

Bohemian Waves
Bohemian Waves

3/ Bohemian Waves

Unwind your effortlessly gorgeous, air-dried hair this winter and flaunt it with style – ladies, the '70s staple bohemian waves are back in fashion! Full of texture and kinky movement, they'll make your mane look oh-so-fine!

Wear you boho waves with a hair part that suits your face shape and go for a look that agrees with your mood. From neat, cascading princess waves to playfully unkempt curves – lend a touch of effortless retro perfection to your hair this winter.

To add texture to your hair, all you need to do is work in a tiny amount of deconstructing gum through your tresses and allow them to air dry. The product will help to define the structure of the pretty curves and infuse your mane with a vivacious flounce. You can also create more shapely loose waves by curling your hair on a medium-barreled curling iron and spritzing it with a strong hold hairspray to set the texture for longer wear.

Low Ponytail
Low Ponytail

4/ Low Ponytails

Not only do low ponytails look good on every woman, but they're also a perfect hairstyle for winters. Wondering why? Well, because they don't get crushed under your winter hat!

There's something really classy about these 'bound at the nape' ponies. They lend you a pulled together look (literally!) and keep your hair off your face so that you can enjoy what you're doing without bothering to manage your loose strands ever-so-often, especially in dry, windy weather.

Low ponytails sound very simple, but they need not look boring! You can try out interesting variations with your hair. Dab some styling gel on your top hair to create a slick finish. Tease your hair to create a high-volume, sexy and unkempt pony or add a crimped texture to your ponytail to make it look chic and unique!

Textured Loose Hair
Textured Loose Hair

5/ Textured Loose Hair

If there's anything that we've learned from the recent fashion weeks, it's the fact that this winter is all about embracing the natural texture of your hair. Trend alert: you'll be seeing a lot of textured hairstyles in the coming months.

There are many ways to add texture to your hair. The simplest of all is of course, to work in some deconstructing gum on your damp tresses and allow them to air-dry. But, for more intricate loose hairstyles, you can also try crimping your hair (without heat styling!) or creating loose waves or sculpted curls in your precious locks.

To crimp your hair, all you need to do is make multiple baby braids, spritz some hairspray on them and let them set for about half an hour (even better, if you let them set overnight!); untie the braids et voilà – you'll see a beautiful crimped effect in your hair!

Textures really make wearing loose hairstyles fun and interesting. With waves one day and curls another, your hair would never look boring under a winter beanie!

Half-Up Braids
Half-Up Braids

6/ Braids

Another hairstyle that never really goes out of trend, a braid is indeed your best friend during the frigid winter months. Braids protect your loose strands from becoming dry and getting battered by cold weather; they are a great solution for hiding dirty roots or unwashed hair. Plus, they can be dressed up or down to suit your outfit, mood and hair situation.

Pair your braided hairstyle with wispy or blunt peek-a-boo bangs or slide in a sleek headband for a quick and easy upgrade. Create a neat and polished regular braid by spritzing your tresses with some strand smoother serum spray before plaiting them; go for a slightly tousled boho-chic Fishtail braid with plenty of texture and a disheveled finish; back brush your hair and weave it into a high-volume side braid or create a Star Wars inspired intergalactic braided headband!

There are so many cute and interesting braided hairstyles for you to try that your mane would not look boring a single day this winter!

Slicked Back Hair
Slicked Back Hair

7/ Sleek Hair

Sleek hair is undoubtedly one of the classiest hair trends this winter and we're seeing a whole bunch of these slick, gel-happy looks all around us. From slicked back bobs and high-volume pompadours to long, laid-back ponytails and wet-look chignons – sleek hair seems to be the flavor of the season.

Wondering how it fits into the scheme of things? Well, for one, the styling gel used to create this finish helps to control frizz, flyaways and cowlicks in a major way. The strands stay well lubricated and thus protected from the dry, cold weather (and the havoc it wreaks on our precious tresses!)

Slick tresses also makes for awesome in-between washes hairstyles. Love oiling your hair in winters to keep it moisturized and well-conditioned? Skip a shampoo; just apply a tiny amount of restorative hair oil all over your tresses and pull off an on trend slick look.

Pss ... go ahead, we won't tell anyone!

Low Knots
Low Knots

8/ Knot Hairstyles

Winter knells the bell for the holiday season, which means you have a string of party invitations to RSVP. Whether you're shopping for the holidays, enjoying a Christmas dinner with your family or enjoying a night-out with friends, cute knots will keep all your hair concerns at bay. Pesky flyaways that you need to mop off your face every now and then or a maze of knots and tangles in your loose hair that you need to smooth out the morning after – knot hairstyles save you from all such woes.

No matter what the length or texture of your tresses, a knot hairstyle will certainly flatter you and have you looking ultra glamorous this season.

Leather Headbands
Leather Headbands

9/ Leather Hair Accessories

In the world of hair accessories, luxe leather has replaced glittery metals and even though it's the holiday season and a little sparkle won't look out of place, matte finish leather headbands, hair cuffs and scrunchies are in, in a big way. More importantly, it looks like they'll be in vogue even post winter! But we'll let the fashion gurus decide that.

For now, we're stacking up our favorite leather hair accessories to help us navigate stylishly through the holiday season (and of course, without any hair drama). Are you?

Warm Hair Color
Warm Hair Color

10/ Warm Hair Colors

When the mercury begins to drop, we get attracted to warmer things – wooly parkas, snug mittens, furry ushankas and cozy uggs. The same can be said about hair color too! The colder the weather, the warmer your hair color should be. Think rich auburn, mellow chestnut or dark chocolate – these are some of the most popular warm hair colors that'll make you look hot this cold season.

Warmer hair colors also help to make the mane look thicker and hide a host of hair problems such as dryness and split ends. Plus, they lend an interesting contrast to your natural skin tone and enhance your facial features. Most importantly, they suit almost every woman. So, there's no reason to not dye your mane in a dark hair color this winter!





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