Top 10 Hair Colors for Winter 2015-16

/ 12.15.2015
Warm Hair Colors for Winter 2015-16
Warm Hair Colors for Winter 2015-16

Our skin tone changes every season and it only makes sense to change our hair color accordingly to complement our complexion and draw attention to our facial features. Now that we're about to step into winters, it's time to trade in our sun-kissed summer strands with warmer hair colors that will not only put us in a better mood, but also make us look hot in the cold season.

In this article, we've rounded up the season's top picks for you to glean over and choose. But, before we get to that, here's a quick recap on the factors that you should bear in mind while choosing a hair color:

- Skin Tone – your hair color should always supplement your original skin tone. If you have a cool skin tone, warm colors such as honey almond brown and chocolate brown would look best on you. Similarly, if you have a warm skin tone, cool hair colors such as ash brown and auburn would suit you very well.

- Skin Undertone – your hair color should always complement your skin undertone. If you have a warm undertone, go for richer shades of hair due such as chestnut or copper. However, if you have a cool undertone, calmer and neutral shades such as golden brown would be a perfect fit for you.

- Eye Color – the richer the color of your eyes, the warmer your hair color should be and vice versa. Therefore, if you have brown, hazel or green eyes, your ideal hair colors would fall in the range of golden brown and soft black. However, if you have blue or grey eyes, go for hair colors with ashy overtones.

Now that we've set the parameters, ladies, here are the top 10 hair colors for winter:

Bronde Hair Color
Bronde Hair Color

1. Bronde

The hair color of everyone's dreams, bronde comprises a flawless mix of brown and blonde and looks best on women with lighter complexion. While darker roots ensure that your color doesn't look washed-out, honey blonde accents lend beautiful dimension and movement to your mane and make you stand out in the crowd! Before going for a bronde hair color this winter, weigh in the natural tint of your hair and talk to a colorist to get the right shade combination for best results.

We've fallen head over heels in love with Blake Lively's bronde tresses. How about you?

Ash Blonde Hair Color
Ash Blonde Hair Color

2. Ash Blonde

Neither golden blonde nor full-fledged grey, the cool ash blonde merges the best of both the shades and looks super-hot on women with light to warm skin tones. The color lends a multi-tonal effect to your strands; it catches and reflects light beautifully, adding heaps of dimension and movement to your mane.

Ash blonde is also one of the hottest hair colors this season and therefore a must-try if you're planning to update your style and look different this holiday season!

Lightest Auburn Hair Color
Lightest Auburn Hair Color

3. Auburn

For those of you who don't like the standard red palette and want something more from your hair color, there's auburn – a beautiful blend of red and brown, merged to suit your fancy. From russet and rust to cinnamon and copper, auburn hair color takes your hair to the next level!

Albeit a little bold, auburn is best-suited for women with light to olive skin tones and green to dark eye color. If you're looking for inspiration, check out Julianne Moore's gorgeous auburn hair and how she styles it differently for different occasions!

Light Brown Hair Color
Light Brown Hair Color

4. Light Brown

The fail-safe winter hair color that makes transitioning from paler blonde less drastic and much easier, light brown looks good on everyone, irrespective of their skin tone, eye color or other physical attributes. The more textured your hair, the more fabulous your light brown hair color will look!

Add a few golden accents to add a gorgeous multi-dimensional effect to your mane or go for ashy brown lowlights to lend volume and depth to your tresses this winter.

Brown Hair Color
Brown Hair Color

5. Medium Brown

Another goof-proof winter hair color that suits everyone but looks particularly good on olive to warm skin tones is medium brown. This shades does a brilliant job in hiding dry, dull or weather damaged hair and makes the mane appear lush and vibrant. The best thing about medium brown hair color is that even when it begins to fade, it leaves a gorgeous ombré (or reverse ombré!) effect in your hair.

To ensure that your hair color lasts longer, avoid heat styling and hairsprays. Nothing robs brown hair color of its polish as heat styling tools and products. Use a strand smoother serum instead to make your hair soft, smooth and shiny.

Chestnut Brown Hair Color
Chestnut Brown Hair Color

6. Chestnut Brown

Clearly one of the best and the most popular hair colors on a brown palette, chestnut brown has been a signature shade of some of the most well-known celebrities, style makers and fashionistas. It's a bit muted but far from boring and flatters those with light, olive or warm skin tones. With an overall warm and natural appeal, it is one of the best-suited hair colors for winter.

Although this shade of hair dye looks good on women of all age groups, it works particularly well for women who are in their 30s or 40s. Long bobs, layered hairstyles and twisted updos look incredible on chestnut brown hair.

Rusty Copper Hair Color
Rusty Copper Hair Color

7. Rusty Copper

Every day is a divine hair day when your tresses are colored rusty copper! This hair color has been a showstopper for many seasons now. It adds a lot of dimension and drama to your mane and makes you stand out in the crowd.

A rusty copper hair dye is for those of you who love to have fun with their hair. If you have a peachy skin undertone and hazel or green eyes, this shade would make you look fabulous! However, do bear in mind that the overtones of this color vary according to the natural color and texture of your strands and therefore, don't look the same on everyone.

Protect your hair by working in a tiny amount of restorative dry oil through your mane. The product will not only keep your strands well lubricated in this cool, dry weather but will also make them shine!

Rich Chocolate Hair Color
Rich Chocolate Hair Color

8. Rich Chocolate

Two of our favorite things this winter? A cup of piping hot chocolate and rich chocolate hair color!

Rich chocolate hair color looks fabulous on almost all women, irrespective of their skin tones. It makes limp, droopy and lack-luster tresses look vivacious and is an ideal choice for women with thin hair who want to make their mane look voluminous. This warm hair color is a safe bet for working women and works well with all textures of hair – straight, wavy or curly.

If you're looking for some chocolate hair color inspiration, look no further than L'Oréal Paris Spokesmodel Freida Pinto!

Rich Brown Lowlights
Rich Brown Lowlights

9. Rich Brown Lowlights

Update your natural brunette hair color with rich brown lowlights to lend a gorgeous multi-tonal effect to your mane this winter. Ideal for every complexion – light, medium and dark – this warm hair color stands out by itself and looks good on all kinds of hairstyles, whether let loose, braided or sculpted into an updo.

Take some on-trend inspiration from Rihanna or Zendaya to find the right shade of brown lowlights and get the mane of your dreams!

Soft Black Hair Color
Soft Black Hair Color

10. Soft Black

Soft black hair color looks ravishing on women with medium to warm skin tone. Please don't dye your hair black if you have pale skin as it'll make you appear paler.

A dark, monochromatic shade is also ideal for those of you who love fuss-free hairstyle routines. Dark hair color offers a striking contrast to your skin tone and draws attention to the most gorgeous features on your face. It looks quite elegant and is highly office-appropriate. While a color protect shampoo and conditioner will help your hair color last longer, do get your roots touched-up at a salon every 4-6 weeks for best results.

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