Top 10 Fall Hairstyles for Men

/ 09.04.2015
Fall Hairstyle for Men
Fall Hairstyle for Men

With a major resurgence in men's coiffage in recent years, there is no surprise that not only princes of the runway but also average Joes are experimenting with their hairstyles and getting more dapper haircuts to move with the times.

It's no joke – men take their hairstyles seriously. From classic brushed back look to fringed bangs and from multi-textured 'dos to tapered fades, men's hairstyles have indeed come a really long way. There are hairstyles for every hair length, type and face shape as well as seasons! (No wonder guys look sooooo good these days!!)

With fall almost upon us, it is time to groom those luscious locks. We've looked around, talked to experts and compiled a list of our top 10 fall hairstyles for men. Ranging from the classic to the edgy and from neat to messy, these haircuts will surely inspire you!

Side Sweep
Side Sweep

1. Side Sweep

When it comes to simple, everyday hairstyles for men that don't require a lot of maintenance, the short side sweep is easily the number one choice. It is simple to create, easy to maintain and highly flexible, which is why it is featured at the number one position in our list of popular fall hairstyles for men. Also known as the gentleman's hair style, the side sweep works for all hair types and face shapes!

Woke up with bedhead or got your hair disheveled in the shower? There's an easy fix! Just sweep your mane to the side using hyper fix putty or slick it to the side with hair mousse to get an ultra-glossy Gatsby look. Sport this boy-next-door hairstyle at work or for running errands. You can style your side sweep in seconds and can never go wrong with the look you choose.

Classic Slicked Back
Classic Slicked Back

2. Classic Slicked Back

This stylish, sophisticated and slicked-back hairdo oozes finesse and is the ultimate go-to style for men who wish to keep every strand in place.

Idea for work, hanging out with friends or even for special occasions, the classic slicked back hairstyle makes an impact every single time. The hairstyle is ideal for men with short to medium length, straight (or almost straight) hair. Use a styling gel before going for a brushed back look or try an easy variation with a deep side part.

The Undercut
The Undercut

3. The Undercut

If you loved Brad Pitt's hairstyle in Fury, you've probably thought of trying out an undercut. The 'it' look for men in the 40s, this hairstyle has recently shot up in popularity like no other 'do and is popular with any guy who wants to look cool and in control.

The best thing about the undercut is that it can be trimmed and styled in many different ways and with almost all hair types. Go for the classic look or try a disconnected variation for a dapper look, à la military style.

Tousled Pomp
Tousled Pomp

4. Tousled Pomp

Want to go for a chic, debonair look? Say hello to the tousled pomp! Once flaunted only by supermodels and Hollywood heroes, this suave men's hairdo has now become an integral part of mainstream street style. With loads of height and just enough texture, this hairstyle is perfect for just about any occasion.

The tousles texture lends this hairstyle an edgy flair, while the style itself adds a few extra inches to the stature. If you too wish to try this look, use a styling gel for a perfect finish.

Tousled Side Sweep
Tousled Side Sweep

5. Tousled Side Sweep

The tousled side sweep is the go-to photo-ready hairstyle of any guy who liks to run his fingers through his hair. It beautifully combines the energy of a tousled pomp and the casual flippancy of a short side sweep.

This super simple and easy to maintain hairstyle is perfect for men with medium-length straight to wavy hair. Set this pulled together 'do with hair fix putty. Sport a smooth style at work or wear a ruffled variation to a party.

Swept Back Curls
Swept Back Curls

6. Swept Back Curls

This soft hairstyle for men with curly hair creates a more controlled look as compared to a deep side part, which gathers all the hair on a single side of the head. The look is very classy, very vintage, but requires a little extra effort to perfect. The problem with swept back curls is that the locks keep coiling back to their original shape and position. Therefore, using a very strong curl taming cream is imperative to sweep and set them properly in place.

Smooth in a styling gel and brush your hair back for a natural, neat style and perfect finish. If your hair is short and you want to try a new variation, you can also try a slicked look with a side part, but for an effortless appearance, use your finger instead of a tail comb to draw out the part.

Messy Shag
Messy Shag

7. Messy Shag

No other hairstyle has had so many celebrity endorsements as the messy shag. This men's hairdo, which was popularized by the Beatles in the late 1960s, has stayed popular over the decades.

Simple, playful and nonchalantly messy, this hairstyle needs no extra effort to set and sport, which is why it's just perfect for a season as lazy as fall. Plus, it is ideal for medium-length, straight to wavy hair. Would you like to try this adorable messy look?

Rebel Waves
Rebel Waves

8. Rebel Waves

Why control the chaos when you can rock it like a pro? The grungy rock 'n' roll rebel wave is an iconic bad boy hairstyle. While it was sported and popularized by rockstars and celebrities in the 90s, the rebellious and carefree spirit of this hairstyle has made it one of the permanent entries in men's hairstyling logbook. Any guy who worships Kurt Cobain or James Dean has sported rebel waves at least once in his life!

The only basic requirement for sporting this look is that you must have longer hair on the top and shorter hair on the sides; your hair can be straight, wavy or curly. With lots of texture and movement, rebel waves are absolutely unapologetic... and that's exactly what we love about the hairstyle! So, if you too were 'born to be wild', give rebel waves a try. You'll surely get all the attention from the ladies!

Shoulder Grazing Waves
Shoulder Grazing Waves

9. Shoulder-Grazing Waves

More and more men are sporting longer hair these days and there are a variety of hairstyles to try out. However, if you wish to sport a hairstyle that looks naturally sexy and does not require a great deal of maintenance, then go for shoulder-grazing waves. Men with shoulder-grazing waves look effortlessly gorgeous and make heads turn wherever they go.

Just long enough to look different and super convenient to tie into a ponytail when needed, shoulder-grazing waves are definitely in vogue. Throw in a little tousle on special occasions or scrunch your waves with your fingers to make an au naturel style statement. Set your hair with a spritz of a good tousled waves spray.

We don't know what we're more pumped about ... Friday or @thecreekman #DailyManbun #TGIF

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10. Man Bun

Long haired hotties are breaking all fashion stereotypes with their edgy, androgynous and versatile hairdos. Man buns are the latest fad in the world of men's hairstyles and almost leading man has taken to this super sleek and fashionable hairdo. Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, David Beckham, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joaquin Phoenix, Kit Harrington, Colin Farell – the stellar list of celebrities who have sported the man bun is indeed exhaustive.

The men of the big screen have brought this hairstyle trend right into real life and the man bun can now be spotted just about anywhere. The style is simple, but comes with a whole gamut of variations. For example, you can give the standard man bun an edgy twist by going for an undercut and coupling it with a top knot. Or go for the slicked back, red carpet look with oodles of hair styling gel. All you need is long hair... type and texture does not matter!

What do you think of this modern men's hairstyle? Would you grow your luscious locks and try the man bun this fall?


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