Tips to Prep Your Hair for Fall

/ 09.01.2015
Expert Care for Fall Hair
Expert Care for Fall Hair
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Just as trees shed their leaves in fall, human beings experience hair loss. The scalp becomes dehydrated and itchy and hair becomes dry, brittle, dull and unmanageable. For those in love with their mane, fall is indeed a season of panic; everyday seems like a bad hair day and tresses seem totally out of whack.

Is there anything you can do to keep your hair healthy, soft and glossy during this season? Absolutely! Here are a few tips on how to prep your hair for fall and keep it looking as gorgeous as ever.

Maintain a Healthy Diet: You are what you eat. During a transitional season, your hair, just like your body, needs to be replenished with the right nutrients to boost the production of collagen, the principal protein that strengthens the roots and supports hair growth.

Food items such as leafy greens, eggs, fish, chicken, red meats, citrus fruits and berries supply the right amount of proteins, zinc, biotin and amino acid to the hair cells, allowing them to flourish. The result is strong, shiny, luxurious hair even in the trickiest of seasons.

Seek Your Hairdresser's Advice: Experts do know best, so don't be stingy. Visit your hairdresser every 3-4 weeks for a luxurious hair spa session, to get those dry split ends trimmed, or to change your hairstyle or your hair color.

As an expert, your regular hairdresser will know more about your hair type and character than you. So, be open to suggestions and do not shy away from trying a new fall hairstyle if it will help to protect your hair during the problematic season. After all, fall is all about change! So, a change in your usual hairstyle will certainly be in the spirit of the season!

Try Hair Treatments At Home: Regular hair treatments, especially before and during fall, help to keep your hair moisturized, remove frizz and knots, repair damages such as split ends and keep the tresses soft, smooth and lustrous. There are numerous hair oils available in the market for DIY massages and treatments. Choose one that suits your hair type.

You can also make an all-natural hair mask using ingredients from your kitchen (such as olive oil, eggs, honey and yogurt) and apply it on your hair every other weekend before a shampoo to keep your mane silky smooth, moisturized and glossy, even in the cruel fall months.


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