Tips to Control Split Ends without Cutting Your Hair

/ 12.08.2015
Tips to Control Split Ends without Cutting Your Hair
  Tips to Control Split Ends without Cutting Your Hair

Split ends are one of the most common hair problems faced by women, irrespective of their hair type, texture or length. They make the healthiest of hair look like straw, curb its growth and render it unfit for styling. While the most effective solution to get rid of split ends is to get them snipped as soon as they occur, you can do a few things in between salon appointments to prevent the frazzled effect from riding up your hair shafts and making them look battered, frayed and brittle.

Here are a few tips to control split ends without cutting your hair:

1/ Avoid Heat Styling

If you're a heat styling enthusiast, you're unknowingly causing a whole lot of damage to your precious locks.

Heat is the numero uno cause of split ends; frequent blow-drying, flat ironing or curling strips your hair of its natural moisture and alters its protein structure, causing the cuticles to crack and exposing the inner cortex. In other words, it hurts your hair and causes split ends.

You should stop using heat styling tools immediately to prevent any further damage to your beautiful hair. Embrace the texture of your tresses and air-dry them to flaunt gorgeous, natural-looking hairstyles.

2/ Cut Out All Chemicals

Most hair styling trends and techniques involve the use of strong chemicals, which traumatize your hair shafts and speed up the development of split ends. Excessive hair coloring, highlighting, perming and straightening are a few chemical processes that cause split ends. What's even worse – the chemicals make the hair shafts extremely porous and cause the dryness to spread quickly along the lengths of your strands.

To control split ends, stop experimenting with chemical-based hair treatments and styling techniques. If you have colored hair and have noticed split ends at the tips, re-dyeing your tresses in a darker hair color will not hide or fix the problem; it'll make it worse. Instead, use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to clean and hydrate your colored hair and treat it with a weekly mask of damage erasing balm.

3/ Hydrate Your Hair

Good hair care products, such as a restorative hair oil or a conditioner, help to balance and maintain the moisture level in your mane and make your hair fiber look soft, supple and healthy. They also protect your strands from environmental stressors, such as humidity, harsh sunrays and wind, thus preventing them from peeling, chipping and breakage.

4/ Detangle Your Hair the Right Way

Never towel-dry your hair or detangle it when it's soaking wet. Run a tiny amount of leave-in hair conditioner through your tresses and allow your strands to air-dry. Once they are about 75% dry, detangle the knots using a wide-toothed comb, which slides through the strands easily without pulling or snapping them. If your hair is knotted up pretty bad, spritzing some strand smoother serum spray before combing it out will also prevent pain and damage.

Ladies, prevention is always better than cure and your hair needs all the extra care and protection it can get in this cold weather. Following the simple above-mentioned tips will not only help you control split-ends but also address a host of other hair problems this season.

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