Three Ways to Make Your Hair Look Voluminous in Fall

/ 09.02.2015
How to Add Volume to Your Hair In Fall
How to Add Volume to Your Hair In Fall

Limp tresses, wilting strands and bangs that look glued to the forehead – come fall our hair seems to lose its bouncy summer volume.

Does your hair look out-of-volume during the fall months too? Don't fret, we've got you covered! Here are the top three tricks to make your hair look lush and voluminous in fall – and all with minimum effort!

How to Make Your Hair Look Voluminous During The Fall Months

1/ Change Your Hair Parting

Brushing your hair in the same direction over an extended period of time makes it look flat and dull. Don't train your hair to stay flat. Changing your part and flipping your tresses in the opposite direction gives limp hair an instant boost and makes it look naturally voluminous. For best results, go for a deeper side part; if your hair looks lopsided, brush it while it's still semi-wet and mist it with a fine hold hairspray to achieve a perfect finish.

2/ Behold the Magic of Back Brushing!

Hair teasing might have a bad reputation and back brushing your tresses aggressively can leave you with annoying tangles. But, if done slowly and steadily, back brushing the roots can instantly lend soft volume to your limp hair. Be gentle and use a big paddle brush to tease your hair, instead of a fine toothed comb. When done, spritz your favorite hairspray and flip your hair to get a perfectly smooth top finish.

3/ Perfect the Upside-Down Blow Dry Technique

No rocket science here! Simply flip your hair upside down and start blow drying it. This will instantly lift low-lying roots off the scalp and allow them to dry more quickly. When your tresses are about 90% dry, smooth them out with a round brush. To achieve a straight, voluminous look, you can straighten the ends of your hair with a flat iron. Set the style with a few pumps of hairspray and you're good to go!

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