Summer hairstyles with bangs vs. without

/ 06.24.2015
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Do you prefer summer hairstyles with bangs or without?

One of the biggest hairstyle dilemmas we face during the summer is deciding whether or not to get bangs, or whether you should keep your fringe if you already have one. Hot weather, humidity and sweat can all change the way your bangs behave, to the point where you may want to go fringe-free until fall comes around.

So, will your summer hairstyle be with or without bangs?

Summer hairstyles with bangs

If you're prepared to work a little harder than usual to keep your bangs in shape during the summer, there's no reason to go without them. Just make sure to arm yourself with dry shampoo, hairspray and some bobby pins. Longer bangs are easier to maintain, as you can part them in the middle and/or sweep them out towards the sides of your face.

Styling tip

To air dry your bangs during the summer, apply a small amount of smoothing product like Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Frizz Vanisher Cream, split your bangs in half, then twist the halves out to the sides. Leave your fringe alone while it dries, then shake your fingers through it and set with hairspray.

Summer hairstyles without bangs

Opting for a hairstyle without bangs can make styling your hair a lot easier, but if you've had bangs for a while, you might find baring your forehead on the regular is a big adjustment. You just have to decide whether the trade-off is worth it for a few extra minutes in bed every morning!

Styling tip

Try parting your bangs in the middle, or pinning them to one side to get an idea of how you would look without them. You can use a flexible hold product like Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Hyper Fix Putty or some hairspray to hold the hair in place.

What do you think? Which hairstyle gets your vote?

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