Slicked back hairstyles for men: the eternal "it" look

/ 07.15.2015
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  •  Classic slick side part 
 For the ultimate polished look, you just can't go wrong with a slicked side part. It's a professional, pulled-together hairstyle that will get you taken seriously.
  •  Slicked back undercut hairstyle 
 A slicked back undercut is an edgy look that stays well within the "professional" style boundaries. You can add height on top for a fuller 'do, or fade the sides instead of buzzing them for a slightly softer look.
  •  Short slicked hair 
 Shorter, choppier haircuts look great when slicked back or to the side. To make sure your finished style doesn't look uptight, gently ruffle the front before the gel sets for added texture.
  •  Textured, slicked back hair 
 Slicked back hair doesn't have to be perfectly smooth. In fact, you can use a matte product for a more textured, ruffled look- especially if you want something laid back for the summer months.

As far as classic hairstyles are concerned, slicked back hair is the ultimate pulled-together look, be it on the red carpet, the runway or at the office. There are a ton of different ways to wear it, most of which come down to your hair length, texture and how glossed you want the finished look to be.

An ode to slicked back hair

This hairstyle is impressive for several reasons. Firstly, slicked back hair is timeless, remaining as on trend today as it was during Hollywood's golden age. Secondly, it's a remarkably versatile look- literally anyone can do it, barring buzz cuts, regardless of length and texture.

Slicked back hair is also the perfect go-to style when you need to be taken seriously, say for a job interview or an important meeting. So, the next time such an occasion arises, take slicked back hair for a spin and see what happens. Chances are, you'll feel more polished and confident than usual, so you'll knock it right out of the park!

Styling tips

1/ Apply product sparingly

Too much product will kill your style, leaving you with a gunky, gloopy mess instead of the clean 'do you were hoping for. To make sure this doesn't happen to your hair, start with a dime-sized amount of product and add more as needed, if any at all.

2/ Go matte

When you want something a bit more casual than a classic slicked back hairstyle, try taking a more modern approach with a matte product instead of the standard gel or pomade. Only use as much as you need, then ruffle the hair on top before shaping your final style to add texture.

3/ Add height

After applying your chosen product, you can add height by massaging the roots with your fingertips. For a really voluminous look, use a blow-dryer on a medium heat to set the hair on top, then smooth it with some more product to finish.

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