Should You Get Bangs?

/ 09.23.2015
Should You Get Bangs or Not? Find Out!
  Should You Get Bangs or Not? Find Out!

Bangs or no bangs – that is the question. At some point in life, almost all of us consider getting a haircut with bangs. For those of you who are currently in the middle of a very critical haircut decision, here are four factors that'll help you consider whether you should get bangs or not:

1. Bangs are high maintenance – To keep them at the right length, you'll need to trim them every two weeks or so. Bangs sit on one of the oiliest parts of your scalp, which means you'll need to wash them more frequently than you shampoo the rest of your hair. This will help to keep the greasiness from your fringe from getting transferred to your face and prevent acne breakouts on your forehead. Most importantly, if you wake up with bedhead hair, be prepared to spend some extra time blow-drying or ironing your bangs every morning to make them look perfect. If you believe in low-maintenance hairstyles, bangs may not be practical for you.

2. Bangs require styling – What's the point of having a fringe if it doesn't stay in place or look perfect at all times? If you're planning to get a haircut with bangs, you should perfect the art of styling those high-maintenance face-framing hair sections. Since bangs are shorter and less dense than the rest of your tresses, they dry up almost as soon as you step out of the shower, and take on your natural hair texture. This means you need to blow dry and style them immediately after a wash!

Another problem with styling your bangs is that often the fringe becomes too bouncy after blow-drying or very flat after straightening. Both these extreme cases throw a decent hairstyle out of whack. So, if you're not prepared to deal with such trial and error sessions, it's better not get bangs.

3. Bangs can be troublesome – Getting bangs means having your fringe rest on your forehead 24/7. This can be a little irksome, especially when you want to get your hair off your face (while working out at the gym perhaps?)! You can use a headband to keep long bangs away from your face but shorter, asymmetrical bangs may create a problem because they're usually difficult to secure with hair pins or barrette clips.

4. Bangs are not for everyone – We wish we could rock trendy bangs like Zooey Deschanel, but unfortunately, bangs don't suit everyone. Before you actually trim your hair, we recommend that you try out a fake bangs hairstyle to get a feel of how you'll look.

If you're ready for a drastic hairstyle change and confident that you can manage your fringe like a pro, go ahead and get bangs that suit your face shape.

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