Short hair updos - inspiration gallery

/ 01.23.2014
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  • Whip up some volume on top, then, sculpt with bobby pins and hairspray
  • A headband updo can work with a short bob, simply tease for extra volume!
  • Romantic curls can be held in place with bobby pins and hairspray for a romantic short hair updo
  • Fake an undercut and go retro with sleek wavy bangs

With short hair, finding an updo that is actually within the realms of possibility can seem like a real challenge. That said, updos are 100% achievable with short hair, if you know how...

Above, you'll notice a little gallery of short hair updos that aren't difficult to recreate and only require some added texture to really make them work. Scroll through and get inspired!

Get creative

One of the best ways to find a short hair updo that works for you and your hair type is to experiment with different textures. So, if you have naturally straight, fine hair, you may want to try adding some curls or teased volume. This will help you to structure an updo a little easier and make for a more interesting look!

Teasing, especially, can give naturally smooth hair more traction when it comes to updos. The matte texture helps bobby pins to grip better and generally makes it easier to sculpt hair into whatever shape is desired.

Top tip: Try using a spray such as Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT High Lift Creation Spray at the roots for added lift when teasing.

Make it really easy

If you would prefer not to tease your hair into shape, you can always let a strong-hold matte gum do the work for you. Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Deconstructing Gum helps to hold hair in place while allowing you to shape and re-shape until you're happy with your look. With no shine, no residue and no flaking, all you have to do is work a small amount through your hair, massage the roots for added lift and style as required.

Top tip: Start out small. Use a minimal amount of gum and add more if you need it. It's way easier than having to wash it all out so you can start over!

Don't forget bobby pins!

Finally, the oldest and perhaps greatest ally of short hair updos deserves a mention: the humble bobby pin. This brilliant invention comes in different colors to match different hair tones and have been sculpting hairstyles since forever. Get your hands on a bunch, a big bunch (they do seem to have a penchant for wandering off and hiding in strange places - like under the bed or on top of the refrigerator...) if you haven't already.

Happy styling!

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