Short hair inspiration: pixie cut with blunt bangs

/ 12.10.2014
Pixie with blunt bangs
Pixie with blunt bangs

Making the decision to get a pixie cut is a big deal, especially if you currently have a much longer cut. That said, this particular pixie with blunt bangs might be all the encouragement you need!

Effortlessly chic

When you have a great haircut, styling tends to be a lot easier as the hair has been tailored to fall in all the right places. This is very true of blunt ends as the sharp lines make the hair look 'done', even when it isn't. In this instance, the style is especially striking as the uniformity of the cut contrasts with the lightly disheveled texture.

1/ How to style it

Step 1
Starting with dry hair, scrunch some Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Deconstructing Gum throughout, paying special attention to the hair on top. Add more gum as needed until you have a good amount of hold, just take care not to overload your hair.

Step 2
Muss the hair on top to create a messy, ruffled texture. The gum doesn't set hard so you can take your time, and reshape as needed throughout the day.

Step 3
Apply a tiny amount of gum to the ends of your bangs, then gently twist small sections of hair to achieve a subtle pieceines in front. Complete any final touchups with your fingers and you're all set!

What do you think? Could this be your next new hairstyle?

Read more: Check out our top ten short hairstyles with bangs for even more inspiration.

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