Short androgynous hairstyle ideas for women

/ 02.12.2014
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  • Short hair at DKNY F/W 2014
  • Long mohawk
  • Short swept-back bob
  • A short bowl haircut
  • Sleek short bob
  • Short half hawk
  • A mohawk
  • Pixie crop
  • Curly pomp
  • Short bob
  • Short wavy bob
  • Pixie crop

Boyish cuts and androgynous hairstyles are going to be a big trend this year, contrasting with parallel girly trends such as braids and longs waves. Shorter, edgier looks like these are a whole different kettle of fish and create a completely different vibe.

Above, you've probably noticed a gallery of short androgynous hairstyles to get inspired by. Even if you aren't looking for a new short cut, you might just be persuaded! After all, short cuts generally require less washing and styling time, purely because there is less hair to wash and style! They also air-dry a lot faster and don't tangle as easily.

Still not convinced?

Effortless cool

Cropped geometric styles such as short bobs, pixies and bowl cuts look cool, largely due to their radical length and the bravery required to try them. Add to that a range of interesting textures from sleek to wet-look to tousled waves and you're looking at something so edgy it might just give you a paper cut. In short, these styles are perfect for anyone who likes to be right on trend without looking like they even tried.

Top tip - For an ultra-sleek finish, apply Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Frizz Vanisher Cream before blow-drying.

Devil may care

Alternatively, mohawks, half hawks and anything else that involves shaving parts of the head make for a super rebellious look. Because these styles have to be avoided by anyone who spends their workdays in formal or very conventional attire, styles like these just scream originality and help to showcase a lot of personality. Sculpted, mussed or loose and wavy, a hawk style can be more versatile than you might think.

Top tip - If you want a matte finish that can be reshaped, apply Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Hyper Fix Putty for a shine-free look that will last all day long.

The right cut for you

If you're seriously thinking about trying an androgynous short cut, you'll need to figure out which kind will work best for you. Talk to a stylist before they get anywhere near your hair with a pair of scissors for advice on what is best for your face shape and what kind of styling options you want. It's important to think about styling, especially if you're not used to putting in the extra time with a longer cut.

Just make sure you're choosing a look that is right for you, not one that looks great on someone else. It's a bit like perfume - what suits your best friend isn't necessarily the right fit for your own, unique sense of style!

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