Say Hello to Plexiglass Hair Coloring Technique!

/ 11.05.2015
Plexiglass Hair Coloring Technique
 Plexiglass Hair Coloring Technique

There's a new hair color trend in town and it's caught the fashion world by storm! The plexiglass, as we know it is a new technique of coloring hair strands by pressing them against a sheet of (as you might have guessed) plexiglass.

Forget lengthy hair coloring techniques that involve multiple sheets of aluminum foil and hours of toil – with this brand new hair coloring procedure, you can create a beautiful multidimensional color effect in your hair within 15 to 30 minutes!

What is It?

Plexiglass is also known as hand-pressed hair coloring technique. It involves painting a desired pattern on a thick sheet of plexiglass, transferring it on the under layers of hair and using a putty knife to smudge the pattern and lend a beautifully blended color to the strands. Once the desired color processes, the hair is rinsed with cool water and blow-dried for the dyed effect to show.

In many ways, plexiglass hair color technique is quite like screen painting, with the only difference being that the actual pattern is not transferred on to the hair, but is purposely blended to create a multi-tonal effect.

Should You Try It?

A number of celebrities have tried, tested and given the nod to this hair color trend. Should you try it out? Sure, why not!

The good thing is that you can pick and choose specific colors that suit your personality, lifestyle or even profession and have a blast with your hair this fall/winter.

Dye your hair in your favorite color combination – right from the most subtle and safe tints such as blondes, browns and reds to the most flashy rainbow colors in the likes of pinks, purples or greens. The idea is to have fun with your hair!

The technique was invented by New York based Redken hair colorist and stylist Chiala Marvici and although done by very few hair colorists, the trend is surely catching up in the fashion world.

Let's hope we get to try it out very soon!




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