Retro Revival: Rock the '90s High Ponytail Like a Supermodel

/ 01.11.2016
Retro hairstyle: '90s style high ponytails
Retro hairstyle: '90s style high ponytails

What goes around comes around and the revival of popular retro hairstyles has brought high ponytails right back into the limelight. From BFFs Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner to Cara Delevingne and Bella Thorne – supermodels and fashionistas around the world are rocking sky-high ponytails as if it were the '90s.

Whether in slept-in textured styles or as static-teased sporty updos, high ponytails are certainly garnering a lot of attention and for all the right reasons. They have a likeable cool vibe about them and are incredibly easy to create and pull-off just about anywhere. You can literally whisk up a carefree high ponytail in a matter of minutes and pair it with your favorite pair of jeans and tee, a fuzzy sweater, a slip dress or any other outfit of your choice, without making a fashion faux pas.

A high ponytail is a perfect solution to unruly and unmanageable hair or for times when you just want to get your strands off your face and back. If you have medium-length to long hair, you can give this spirited retro hairstyle a go by following these steps:

1/ Step One

Work a nickel-sized amount of volume-inject mousse through your hair to add some bulk to your mane and make your tresses easy to style.

2/ Step Two

Brush your hair (for a smooth finish) or finger-rake your tresses to detangle knots.

3/ Step Three

Flip your head forward and gather all your hair at the crown of your head.

4/ Step Four

Secure the hair into a high ponytail using a scrunchy or any other hair tie of your choice.

Additional Styling Tips

You can transform your simple high ponytail into a party-worthy hairstyle by:

- Curling the ends of the pony.

- Teasing the lower layers of the pony to create an extra chunky updo.

- Crimping your hair before securing it up in a pony.

- Dabbing a tiny amount of styling gel over your hair to create a glossy finish.

- Scrunching some deconstructing gum through your pony to lend it a lived-in texture.

- Pulling out a few loose wisps of hair to create a romantic high pony.

- Tugging at the top hair sections to create an artfully tousled look.

Looking for a quick, easy and fashion-forward hairstyle that can be created in a few minutes? Just go for a high ponytail. Since this retro hairstyle has made a major comeback this season, try it out and enjoy its swingy, gravity defying characteristics that made it a fashion staple in the '90s.

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