Popular Top Knot Hairstyles for Women

/ 10.22.2015
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  • Popular Top Knot Hairstyles for Women
  •    Cool Casual Top Knots   
 This  updo  is neither completely dishevelled nor strict and pulled back. The cool, slightly unkempt finish lends this top knot its charming appeal; this one's ideal for wearing to college, running errands or enjoying a day out with friends!
  •    Messy 'Zero Prep Time' Top Knots   
 The name says it all! When you  don't have time to style your hair , just resort to this  messy top knot . However, no matter how messy your knot, it must be well secured with  bobby pins  so that it doesn't fall apart!
  •    Neat Formal Top Knots   
 You can wear a  neat top knot to work  or to any other formal event. To make a  big top knot with medium length hai r, back brush your hair around the crown to create volume and use a hair donut to lend a perfect shape to your knot.
  •    Slicked Back Top Knots   
 Looking for a  polished hairstyle  to wear to a glam event? Try a  slicked back top knot ! Always dab a tiny amount of styling gel on your hair  after  you've created the knot to lend your updo a wet look without making it too slippery. 

There are many reasons to sport a top knot. Top knots look super classy and suit all face shapes. The updo helps to keep hair off your face, accentuates your stunning facial features and even makes you look taller by drawing the eyes upwards. You can pair your top knot hairstyle with all kinds of outfits – formal or casual. Most importantly, with your hair tied up, you also get a chance to flaunt the gorgeous neck and collarbone as well as your beautiful earrings!

There are many varieties of top knots – ranging from super messy to super neat – and whatever your hairstyling requirements may be, you can always pick a style to suit the occasion.

Click on the gallery above to look at the most popular styles of top knots that women are wearing these days.

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