Pixie crop or bob - which short hairstyle to try?

/ 01.27.2014
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Which short hairstyle is best, a pixie crop or short bob?

Deciding to try a new short haircut is always a choice that needs to be made carefully, after looking at all the options and deciding what style would work best for you. Ruling out extreme cuts like half hawks and undercuts, two great go-two styles are a classic pixie crop and a short bob.

Both of these styles have the short shock factor but retain enough length to add texture, and to style in all kinds of different ways. The question is: which one is best? Vote for your favorite above!

Before you visit the salon...

As with any length, the hairstyle you choose needs to flatter your face shape. For example, what works for someone with a round face won't necessarily look good on someone with a long or square-shaped face. It's good to know which styles are going to appear complimentary and which ones aren't, before you visit the salon!

Pixies tend to look especially good on people with round faces but also work for oval, heart and square-shaped faces, too. It's a style that really helps to emphasize the eyes and cheekbones, making them the main focus. Anyone with an especially long or rectangular-shaped face should steer clear of the pixie crop, however, as it can make the face seem longer than it really is.

Short bobs, on the other hand, tend to be a little more versatile. Sharp, geometric styles look really good on rounded face shapes, whereas a wavy, textured look works for everyone because it won't emphasize sharp lines or draw attention to wide angles. Blunt bangs will only highlight a wide forehead, whereas tapered, side-swept bangs will help to soften its appearance.

The verdict?

If you have a face shape that could work with both a pixie and a bob, the choice all comes down to how you prefer to style your hair. Both looks are great for adding texture but with a bob, there are more options - such as curls and tousled waves - that are open to you.

So, for us, it has to be the bob. How about you?

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