Pick your fave long hairstyle: low pony or fishtail braid?

/ 06.26.2014
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Which style do you like best?

With long hair, there are a lot of different styling options but often, the simplest are the best. This is especially true when you want to show off all that length you've been nurturing over the past few months or even years. Two of the best styles for this purpose are a low pony and a loose fishtail braid. Both allow the hair to trail down the neck and back while leaving the door wide open for all kinds of textures, too.

The question is, which style is your favorite?

Swing low

A low pony looks great with many different hair types and the loose ends leave plenty of room for adding curls and waves. A sleek, side-swept finish, however, will give you a pulled-together look in a matter of minutes.

Top tip – Eliminate frizz and flyaways by misting your hair with Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Strand-Smoother Serum Spray before you gather it back into a pony.

Laid back

Fishtail braids can be worn in several different ways from tight and sleek to loose and messy. The latter incarnation is definitely one of our favorites, mostly because of how effortlessly pretty it looks. The technique itself can be more time consuming than a sleek low pony though.

Top tip – To speed things up, tie your hair into a low pony and braid the 'tail instead of French fishtailing from the top of your head. The hair tie will help to hold the hair while you braid and you'll have less hair to deal with. Once you get to the ends, remove the tie and use it to secure the braid.

What do you think? Which hairstyle do you like best? If you can't decide, you could always just combine the two...

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