Milan Fashion Week SS16: Best Hairstyles from D&G, Gucci, Prada & Others!

/ 10.02.2015
Beat Hairstyles from Milan Fashion Week SS16
 Beat Hairstyles from Milan Fashion Week SS16

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016 has been all about embracing natural hair textures and sporting 'come-as-you-are' hairstyles. This season, we've seen models walk the runways in their own haircuts, lengths and styles for a record number of shows. With hair extensions, accessories and styling equipment taking the backseat in Milan, we thought it would be a great idea to shortlist some of the most natural and easy to create runway hairstyles for you to take inspiration from and replicate!

Sit back, relax and take notes from this exclusive line-up of on-trend hairstyles from the shows of some of the most renowned Italian fashion houses and luxury brands in the world. Yes, we're talking about Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Prada, Gucci and many more!

Ladies, you really don't wanna miss this one, so let's get started!

Sleek Side Sweep
 Sleek Side Sweep

1. Sleek Side Sweep: Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani's Spring 2016 show showed a variety of fashionable ways to wear our hair with a sleek side sweep and how to carry the look with formal and evening wear.

The interesting thing about these sweeps was that they plunged a tad more than usual, giving the appearance of side parted, bangs, pinned on one side and let loose on the other.

The good news is you can try this hairstyle with or without bangs. If you don't have a fringe, create a side part, gently sweep your hair over your forehead and pin it behind your ear.

Replicate this 'hot from the runway' look with a high ponytail or a low bun and wear it to work or a party!

Slicked Back Short Hair
 Slicked Back Short Hair

2. Slicked Back Short Hair: Missoni

If you're looking for some inspiration on how to wear short slicked back hair everywhere, check out the hairstyles at the Missoni Spring 2016 show.

Besides showcasing the fashion house's haute couture collection for the upcoming season, the models also showed us how to wear a slicked back hairstyle with collared shirts, pleated dresses, caftans and bikinis! While many models did have naturally short hair, there were a few who rocked the slicked back look with long hair, which was tied at the back to create an illusion of super short tresses. (Pst... Want to know how you'll look with short hair? This seems like an awesome way to find out!)

Windswept Waves
 Windswept Waves

3. Windswept Waves: MSGM

The MSGM Spring/Summer 2016 collection embraced natural and easy-going looks, both in the clothes as well as the hair department. The models sauntered down the runway in their seemingly natural wavy hair, teased just a little bit to create a wind-swept effect.

Straight hair may be in fashion but wavy hair actually gives us a bunch of interesting styling options. To replicate the MSGM Spring 2016 windswept hairstyle, just work in a small amount of hairstyling gel at the ends of your hair and scrunch it with your fingers to create a mussed up effect. Spritz some fine hold hairspray to set the style for longer wear.

This hairstyle looks great when it's slightly messy and works best with shoulder-length hair. You can wear it with a soft middle part or a side part, and even with bangs, depending on which style best suits your face shape.

Sleek Ponytails with a Side Part
Sleek Ponytails with a Side Part

4. Sleek Ponytail with a Side Part: Salvatore Ferragamo

There's no doubting the fact that slick hairstyles are back in fashion in a big way; we saw a whole bunch of variants at New York and London this season. But, if we were asked to vote for our favorite slick hairstyle from Fashion Week, we'll pick the sleek ponytails seen at Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2016 show in Milan last Sunday.

These ponytails oozed elegance and sophistication and literally 'shined' on the runway! However, instead of going for a more common brushed back look, the models sported them with straight side parts, which helped to build up the sharpness of the hairstyle.

We think that this is a great hairstyle to wear to board meetings or a glamorous soiree and works best with long, straight hair.

Hair Accessories
Hair Accessories

5. Hair Accessories: Dolce & Gabbana

The hairstyles at the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2016 show were all about embracing the spirit of Spring through the colors, flamboyance and romance of Italian culture. With vibrant headbands and flirty headscarves to a whole bunch bold hair accessories, D&G truly gave us a chance to take a sneak peek at the hottest hairstyle trends of the upcoming season!

The models walking the runway for D&G mostly had short to long bobs or medium-length hair, either let-loose or tied-up into messy ponytails, and beautified with interesting hair accessories.

If you're looking to stay trendy in the hair department, get a couple of ornate headbands and headscarves with big floral prints for yourself. The best thing about hair accessories is that they allow you to stay stylish in an economical way!

Side Part
Side Part

6. Side Parted Hairstyle: Roberto Cavalli

Master hairstylist, Guido Palau, created truly awe-inspiring side-parted hairstyles for the Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2016 show. The 'dos referenced to the '50s and embraced a sporty, French appeal.

If you have straight or wavy hair, which is at least shoulder-length, you can easily replicate this runway-inspired hairstyle and wear it to work or at a glam event!

To create this hairstyle, spritz some strand-smoother serum spray along the length of your tresses to make your hair smooth, straight and shiny. Comb your hair thoroughly to detangle knots and remove any frizz. Create a side part and spritz some high lift creation spray along your hairline to give your hair strands an instant boost. This will help to create a slight quiff, as seen at the Roberto Cavalli show. Gently comb back the face-framing sections and secure them behind your ears with the help of bobby pins. Mist your hair with some fine-hold hairspray to set the style for longer wear.

Messy Low Pony
Messy Low Pony

7. Messy Low Ponytails: Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta indeed had a star-studded line-up to display its upcoming collection at the Milan Fashion week. The models had their natural hair styled into messy ponytails, which offered an interesting contrast to the luxury cruise collection that they exhibited.

Thanks to the show for some really cool inspirations, now we know that messy hair isn't just for weekends. We can pair it with just about any outfit – right from rompers and sweatpants to cinch-waist dresses and flowy boho skirts! You can create your own version of the messy ponytail with a middle-part or even blunt bangs!

Oh, BTW, did we tell you that L'Oréal Spokesmodel Liya Kebede walked the runway for this fashion powerhouse this season? Do check out her photos to get an idea of how you can pair a messy hairdo with a posh outfit!

Au Naturel Hair with Middle Part
 Au Naturel Hair with Middle Part

8. Au Naturel Hair with Middle Part: Versace

Versace might be synonymous with uber sexy, but at Milan Fashion Week, this powerhouse of high fashion tapped a slightly conservative beat, which was refreshingly cool! The models walked down the runway in attractively tailored outfits, their natural hair blowing elegantly in the wind.

The middle part was a prominent feature in all the hairstyles, while the rest of the coiffage rested heavily on the natural texture and length of the models' hair.

So, it seems like wearing your hair au naturel is not a bad idea after all! If you're into glamming things up, go with a middle part and scrunch your hair ever-so-slightly to create a runway-inspired hairstyle in seconds!

Natural Looking Hair with Accessories
 Natural Looking Hair with Accessories

9. Natural Looking Hair with Accessories: Gucci

We noticed something very interesting at the Gucci Spring 2016 show. While the models' natural hair length and texture was not altered, every hairstyle on the runway was given a slight tweak – an ornate headband here, a tousled wave there – to make it match the uniqueness of the outfit it went with.

Pinned-back hair accompanied long flowy robes while wavy bobs came paired with shorter A-line dresses and quirky jackets. We also saw plenty of designer hairclips, hats, and other hair accessories at the show and are certain that they'll make a major comeback this season!

Pulled Back Hair
 Pulled Back Hair

10. Pulled Back Hair: Prada

Okay seriously, we need to keep a notebook to jot down everything that we loved about the Prada Spring 2016 show. From the interesting line-up of suits and highly wearable day looks to gilded lip shades and tightly pulled back hair with very thin bangs, there was so much to watch, learn and replicate!

If you check out the models' hairstyles, you might find them a little fashion-forward for your taste. But you can certainly tailor them to your styling needs. Instead of going for very short and thin bangs, you can pull off the look with regular baby bangs. You can also go a little easy on the pulled back look and trade it for a loose, slicked back bun instead.

Faux Bob
 Faux Bob

11. Faux Bob: Fendi

Fendi introduced us to a new style of bob – one that you can create with your long hair!

Yes, you heard that right! The faux bob, as seen at the Fendi Spring 2016 show in Milan, does not call for a pair of shears. What it does require is dozens (okay, may be not that many) of bobby pins!

If you have medium-length to long hair and want to see how you'll look in a bob, here's what you can do – create a side part and brush your hair; divide your hair into straight sections; roll under each section and secure it at the base of your neck with the help of bobby pins. That's all! You have a new hairstyle that you can wear to work, on a date or for running an errand!



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