Midweek Pick-me Up: 3 Easy Half-Up Hairstyles to Fawn Over

/ 11.25.2015
Easy Half-up Hairstyles for Women
Easy Half-up Hairstyles for Women

When the mid-week slump kicks in, looking good is the last thing on our minds. Thanks to super-easy half-up hairstyles, we can keep our tresses up and under control and zoom through our hectic schedules without breaking a sweat and looking gorgeous as always.

We've rounded up three quick and easy half-up hairstyles that will not only lift your mood and your style quotient instantly! Try these mid-week pick me ups and let us know how many compliments you bag:

Half- up with Multiple Twists
  Half- up with Multiple Twists

1/ Half- up with Multiple Twists

This ethereal hairstyle looks super pretty, can be created in less than five minutes and sported just about anywhere. It is ideal for day two hair and works best with shoulder-length to long tresses.

Get the Look

1) Work in a tiny amount of volume inject mousse through your hair. The product will not only make your mane look voluminous but will also lend extra hold to your strands.

2) Depending on your face shape, trace out a soft hair part.

3) Twist 2-3 sections of your face-framing hair on both side of the part and secure them at the back of your head using bobby pins.

4) Spritz some hairspray all over your head and you're good to go!

Half-up with a Quiff
  Half-up with a Quiff

2/ Half-up with a Quiff

This runway-inspired half-up hairstyle is easier to create than it looks! All you need is a high-lift creation spray, a strong hold hairspray and basic knowledge of hair teasing to create this chic hairstyle that'll make heads turn wherever you go!

Get the Look

1) Section-off about 1 inch of your face-framing hair along your forehead.

2) Mist your top hair (the hair right behind the sectioned-off piece) generously with high-lift creation spray. The product will give your strands an instant boost and prep them for teasing.

3) Lift your top hair and using a fine-toothed comb, tease (back-brush) the lower layers to create volume and height; set the teased section by spritzing generous amounts of strong hold hairspray.

4) Cover the teased section by smoothing out the sectioned-off hair over it and secure the ends with bobby pins.

5) Comb the rest of your loose hair, spritz some more hairspray and you have a picture-perfect half-up hairstyle with a quiff!

Styling tip: For a vogueish look, you can make a large quiff that covers about 4-5 inches of your hairline; for a more casual, everyday look, create a smaller quiff with about 2-3 inches of your face-framing hair.

Braided Half-up
  Braided Half-up

3/ Braided Half-up

Is there anything prettier than braids? We bet not!

With a braided half-up hairstyle you can pull off an incredibly adorable look, whatever be the occasion.

Get the Look

1) Mist your hair with some strand-smoother serum spray to make your tresses soft, smooth and tangle-free.

2) Part your hair and make two braids along your hairline on both sides. You can make two baby braids or go for inricate Fishtail Braids as shown in the image above.

3) Secure the braids at the back of your head using bobby pins or a barrette clip and you have a swoon-worthy hairstyle to wear to work or a party!

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