Midweek inspiration: long hairstyles to fawn over

/ 11.05.2014
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  • Zoe Saldana with long wavy hair
  • Long hair inspiration
  • J-Lo and her perfect ombre locks
  • Long curly hair inspiration
  • Blake Lively with tousled waves
  • Long hair inspiration
  • Long, messy hair
  • Long and glossy
  • Brushed back hair
  • Julianne Moore with tumbling waves
  • Long 'barely there' waves
  • Hollywood waves with a wet look sheen
  • Swept back curls
  • Braided half-up hairstyle
  • Messy bouffant hairstyle
  • Blake Lively with messy waves
  • Long, straight hair

Long, flowing Rapunzel hair takes a whole lot of time and patience to achieve, making the growing process seem way longer than it actually is. It can also be really tempting to give up and go back to that lob that looked so good on you when you first got it.

If you're frustrated with the snail's pace at which your locks are sprouting from your scalp - just half an inch per month - we've got plenty of inspiring looks to help keep you and your hair on track!

Try something new

When growing your hair, it's good to divert your attention from how short it is by styling what you already have into some new updos. You'll need a few hairstyle ideas up your sleeve when your hair gets long anyway, so why not start practicing as soon as you have enough hair to pin up?

Try a textured bun or a pretty chignon to get started. To get the perfect texture, blow-dry your hair with Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Tousle Waves Spray before you start.

Braided beauty

Half-up braided hairstyles are gorgeous on hair of any length, and there's nothing like looking like a bonafide princess to make you forget all about how insufficiently long your hair is.

To get a glossy look, spray your finished style with Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Strand Smoother Serum Spray. This will add shine and keep frizz and flyaways from cramping your style.

Be patient

If you really want long hair, there's nothing to do but wait. Keep you hair healthy and hydrated, get regular trims (even if it seems completely counter-intuitive) and rest safe in the knowledge that eventually, you'll have the mane you've been dreaming of!

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