Men's Hairstyles with Beards - Messy vs. Groomed

/ 12.07.2015
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Men's Hairstyles with Beards - Messy vs. Groomed  

In recent years, beards have become a major trend in men's grooming. If you're a pogonophile and looking for a hairstyle to pair with your beard, make sure that the coiffage you choose complements the character of your stubble – whether you're sporting a five-o-c lock shadow or a Van Dyke. Most men's hairstyles can be divided into two main categories – messy and well-groomed and if chosen carefully, they can enhance the appeal of a beard manifold.

Let's take a look at which style looks best with a scruff.

Messy Hairstyles for Men

Unkempt hairstyles paired with beards create the ultimate bad boy appeal. You might feel a bit out of place at the office (especially if you have a white-collared job), but you can easily pull off the look at college or at a creative workplace, such as a design studio.

Messy hairstyles with beards do look super cool (ask the ladies!). All you need to do is create a carefully unkempt texture in your mane by styling individual hair section with a tiny amount of deconstructing gum, so that while your hairstyle looks cool and casual, it does not appear to be shabby beyond repair ..., which BTW is a big turn-off!

Messy hairstyles work best with medium-length hair that is slightly longer on the top and close-cropped on the sides and back. An undercut or a blowback hairstyle would look awesome with a 5-day beard.

Well Groomed Hairstyles for Men

When you're after a sharp, sophisticated look, nothing beats a well-groomed, slick hairstyle and a dapper stubble combo!

The best thing about neat hairstyles for men with beards is that they can be styled in many different ways to suit the occasion and look incredible at all times. For a quick and hassle-free everyday look, pair your beard with a side swept hairstyle, styled and set with a tiny amount of pomade. For a smooth and polished look for a black-tie event, work in a tiny amount of hair styling gel through your mane and slick it neatly in place.

A neat hairstyle paired with a perfectly groomed beard is the ultimate style statement of a gentleman. It makes him look confident and stylish and the ladies, weak in the knees!

Fall-winter is the perfect time to grow a beard. If you're planning to sport some fuzz this holiday season, which hairstyle would you choose? Let us know by casting your vote above!


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