Men's Hairstyles: How to Style your Hair Under a Hat

/ 12.23.2015
Style your hair just right for the perfect winter hat!
Style your hair just right for the perfect winter hat!

It's winter, so the temperature is probably dropping, and you need to wrap up without compromising on style. It's that hat time again! Both warm and fashionable, you just need to figure out the best way to style your hair underneath it. Here are our top tips for working headwear like a pro...

1. Long and loose

If you have long hair, make the most of it! Why not style it into some casual beach waves and leave it draped over your shoulders when you wear your hat? Extra warmth!

2. On-trend mun

One of this year's biggest men's hair trends is the "mun" (man bun), also for dudes with mid-to-long hair. It gets the hair out of your face, but doesn't hide it completely. A loose chignon at the nape of your neck also won't get in the way of the hat's position.

3. Short and sweep

Shorter hair? Sweep a front section of hair across your forehead then carefully position the hat over the top to hold it in place. This will add an element of asymmetry to your look, and draw attention to your eyes.

4. Facial hair

If you have super short hair that won't be visible under a hat, why not think about growing a little stubble, or even a full-on beard? The hipster/lumberjack look is everywhere these days, so get out that plaid shirt...

5. Hat facts

When choosing a hat, it's important to take your head shape into consideration. Round face-shapes, for example, will look better in angular styles such as a fedora. Square-shaped faces, however, should soften their angles with floppy, curved styles - like a pork pie hat.

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