Men's haircuts: how to choose the right style for your face shape

/ 04.02.2014
Get the right haircut for your face shape
Get the right haircut for your face shape

For guys, getting a new haircut, especially one that flatters your face shape, requires a whole different set of guidelines to girls. One thing everyone agrees on, however, is that a bad haircut sucks and no amount of styling tips makes growing it out any easier. One of the major things to take into account when deciding on a new look, or even just an updated version of your trademark style, is how it's going to work with your face shape.

It actually makes perfect sense when you think about it: long faces can be shortened, narrow faces can be widened, round faces can be lengthened and wide faces can be made to appear thinner, all with the right haircuts.

Fortunately, there are a lot of different options open to most people. So, what are they?

Oval face shapes: Oval faces are proportionally balanced which means they can generally get away with anything, except a heavy, full-length fringe really.

Square face shapes: Widely considered as quite masculine, square faces look great with a lot of different styles, especially those whit softer, tousled or mussed textures. Shorter cuts are also a good idea do anyone who wants to make their angular features the main focus of their look. Tousle the hair with Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Deconstructing Gum for a relaxed yet controlled style.

Long face shapes: The main thing to remember with an oblong face is to keep a little length on the sides for balance. This is a must if you want extra length on top. Proportion is everything! Oblong faces can also pull of styles that allow the hair to fall onto the forehead as this won't make the face appear too small. Again, a tousled, disheveled style will work wonders.

Round face shapes: Hairstyles with plenty of height are great as they help to elongate round faces. Too much length falling onto the face, however, is likely to accentuate the roundness. Try a groomed style with the hair lifted up off the face, using Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Hyper Fix Putty for long-lasting hold.

Diamond face shapes: Plenty of height and soft edges are great for diamond shaped faces. A little side-sweep with a groomed texture will help make the forehead appear wider, just ask your stylist for a cut that tapers down gradually at the sides, but not too short.

Heart face shapes: Longer cuts work well for heart-shaped faces as they help to soften a wide forehead. A little stubble or a well-groomed beard doesn't go amiss either.

Triangular face shapes: With a wide jaw and narrow forehead, extra length on the sides is necessary to help balance a triangular face. Curls and disheveled textures are best, and a few extra layers, combined with volume on top, will help to soften the silhouette.

Finally, the most important thing is to ask your stylist for advice. By all means take along some photos and plenty of ideas about what you want, just be sure to get their opinion before they start the cut. They will be able to tell you what kind of cut will look best, even if that isn't necessarily what you've found in a magazine.

After all, your hair should help you to look like the best version of yourself!

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    How to get a hairstyle that suits your face shape

    How to get a hairstyle that suits your face shape

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