Men's hair tutorial for a job interview: look pulled-together fast!

/ 08.20.2014
Perhaps the only work-approprtiate hairstyle you'll ever need...
Perhaps the only work-approprtiate hairstyle you'll ever need...
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If you're starting a new job or you have some interviews lined up, your hairstyle is something you need to take care of beforehand. Artificial though it seems, first impressions depend heavily on appearance so a well-groomed, pulled-together look is essential. Of course, it all depends on the industry and the job you're going into, but making people think you know how to take good care of yourself is unlikely to damage your chances in any professional situation! A smooth, swept-back hairstyle with no visible flyways is a hairstyle that comes off as polished and professional, leaving you plenty of room to demonstrate your uniqueness with a confident interview technique and a killer resume. To get the look, just follow the tutorial below.

Get the look

Step one
Starting with shower-fresh, damp hair, towel dry to remove as much excess moisture as possible.

Step two
Next, warm a dime-sized amount of L'Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Hyper Fix Putty in your hands to emulsify it. Once it's soft enough, sweep it back through your hair, focusing on the top of your head.

Step three
Part your hair on one side then blow-dry, lifting it a little at the front with a comb, to add some volume and set your whole style into a smooth swept back look.

Step four
With a little more putty on your fingertips, make any final adjustments and smooth down the back and sides with your hands. Finally, double check all angles before you head out.

That's it, all we have left to say is good luck!

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