Match: Full Rainbow Hair vs. Tie Dyed Tips

/ 09.03.2015
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  • Tie Dyed Tips
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A striking hair color can lend magic to one's overall image and personality. While dyeing hair in electric orange or drop dead red monotones is not a new trend, just about anyone with a penchant for experimenting with their hair is taking the art of hair coloring to a whole new level.

Full Rainbow Hair

Bold and beautiful, rainbow hair is the hottest fashion trend of summer '15. Dying one's hair in psychedelic shades is definitely in and everyone – right from pop celebrities to next door fashionistas – is sporting vibrant Crayola colored hair.

In fact, rainbow hair is no longer restricted to runways or glamour magazines (or to punk kids pushing boundaries for that matter!). Our intrinsic tendency to imitate the coolest fashion fads has brought this color explosion right into our everyday lives. Two summers ago, rainbow or pastel hair was an alternative fashion. Now it's a mainstream beauty trend and in most likeliness, here to stay (just like tattoos and body piercings).

Tie Dyed Tips

Another very popular trend that has garnered all the attention this year is tie dyed tips. Instead of a full blown spectrum, fashion conscious women are only dying the tips (or ends) of their tresses to create a soft, color contrasted look. Also known as dip dyed hair, tie dyed tips are bold and far from boring.

From soft cotton candy hues to bright, kaleidoscopic colors, there are many variations to choose from, depending on your preference. This new look lends a new fun element to an otherwise monotonous and boring hairstyle and makes one stand out in the crowd... literally! Perfect for those who do not have the heart to make their head explode with colors but harbor a desire to try something new and fun, tie dyed tips are surely worth a try!

Which hair color trend would you go for? Vote now!


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