Long Hair with Bangs vs. Without: What's Your Style?

/ 12.14.2015
With Bangs or Without - How Would You Wear Your Long Hair?
 With Bangs or Without - How Would You Wear Your Long Hair?

Lush, long hair looks quite awesome, whether it is a subject of inspiration or envy! However, it might begin to look a tad boring with time. A little texture, a slight movement or even a sweet set of bangs can enhance the appeal of let-loose, free flowing tresses cascading down a woman's back.

While creating texture and movement is arguably simpler, it takes a little more than just courage to chop one's forelocks into a fringe. One of the many factors to weigh in is whether bangs would suit your face shape or look age-appropriate. In this article, we'll break down these points for you and help you decide whether you should wear your long hair with bangs or without.

Long Hair with Bangs

Long hair with bangs is an ideal hairstyle for women with long or oval face shapes. The fringe helps to curtail a part of the forehead, making the face look less elongated, and draws attention to the eyes and well-defined cheekbones.

Bangs have this magical power of making you look young and playful. Ladies, those of you in your 40s or your 50s, take note! But remember – there are many styles of bangs and if you're keen on getting a fringe, find out how to choose bangs as per your face shape.

Why this style works? The long hair and bangs combo works because the length of the tresses keep things looking dainty and stylish while the fringe adds a little bit of fun to the overall look and appeal. Whether your long hair is straight, wavy or curly – a carefully selected fringe will lend your mane a quick, easy (and cost-effective) upgrade!

Styling tip: Spritzing some hairspray while blow-drying your bangs will keep them in place throughout the day.

Long Hair without Bangs

Bangs may look super cool, but they also come with an advisory tag of lots of maintenance. For one, imagine having to blow dry and set them right after you've stepped out of the shower, every time you wash your hair ... sounds like an ordeal, especially in this tricky weather. The best way out of this – don't get a fringe! Go for a layered hairstyle instead and pump in some oomph in your long hair this winter.

Long hair without bangs is ideal for women who like to sport age-appropriate hairstyles. Since a fringe partially or completely covers up the forehead, don't get one if the space between your brow line and your hairline is particularly narrow. Also, numerous women like to tie their long hair in an updo and a fringe doesn't necessarily go well with all styles of buns and chignons. It's important to bear these factors in mind before getting bangs.

Why this style works? Long hair without bangs has an endearing, refined feel about it and looks equally gorgeous when styled appropriately.

Styling tip: Make it look fabulous, by controlling frizz and keeping split ends at bay. Treat your hair to a weekly restorative hair oil massage, keep heat styling to a minimum and work in a tiny amount of frizz removing cream through the lengths of your strands to keep them smooth and easy to manage.

So, would you wear your long hair with bangs or without? Let us know by casting your vote above!

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