Jennifer Lopez Hair Evolution: 12 Hairstyles to Try

/ 10.30.2015
Jennifer Lopez's Textured Blowout
Jennifer Lopez's Textured Blowout

From being next-door Jenny to becoming a mega-force in the entertainment industry, Jennifer Lopez has indeed come a long way in her career. She 's always in the limelight for her impeccable sense of style and that includes her hair. Whether she's rocking an evening gown or a bikini, J. Lo certainly knows how to style her gorgeous bronze hair and look effortlessly stunning in all situations.

In this article, we've rounded up some of the best hairstyles sported by the popstar turned actress. Check them out! We're sure you'll find plenty of celebrity hairstyle inspiration for all lengths and textures of hair.

Relaxed Waves
Relaxed Waves

1. Relaxed Waves

Jennifer Lopez has beautiful hair and she manages to look gorgeous in all kinds of hairstyles. While we're used to seeing her in big, bold and dramatic hairstyles, J.Lo looks equally refreshing in casual and relaxed hairdos.

To replicate J.Lo's natural-looking, relaxed hair, mist your tresses with some tousle waves hairspray and create loose waves by twisting individual hair sections on a medium-barreled curling iron. For best results, curl your loose waves in alternating directions and scrunch them with your fingers to give them a natural-looking finish.

This easy and versatile hairstyle works best with a layered haircut. Wear your gorgeous beachy waves to work, to a party or to a date!

Voluminous Blowout
Voluminous Blowout

2. Voluminous Blowout

No matter how J.Lo wears her hair, it looks fabulous! Take for instance, this voluminous blowout hairstyle. Half part edgy and half part sexy, this is a perfect hairstyle to wear to a glam event, a cocktail party or on the red carpet!

To recreate this blowout hairstyle at home, all you've got to do is mist your damp wavy hair with a good quality blowout heat spray, roll chunky hair sections around a large-barreled hairbrush and blow-dry your tresses, while pulling them downwards. Use the hairbrush to roll the ends of your hair and finish off with a generous spritz of hairspray to set your party hairstyle for longer wear.

Top Knot
Top Knot

3. Top Knot

J.Lo masters the art of sporting casual hairstyles in the most glamorous manner. She wore a sophisticated topknot on the 'Meet the American Idol Top 13 Finalists' red carpet at Los Angeles last February and paired it with a sexy little black dress to balance off her stellar look.

The best thing about this hairstyle is that you can wear it just about anywhere – while cleaning your apartment over the weekend, running errands, meeting friends for lunch, while window shopping, or while giving a power point presentation at the office! It's simple to create and looks good on most women, irrespective of their face shape.

Simply tie up your straight, wavy or curly hair in a high ponytail, twist it around the base of the elastic, securing it with bobby pins as you go and finish off with a generous spritz of hairspray. That's it – you have a simple, sexy and super stylish updo in less than 2 minutes!

Half-Up Hairstyle
Half-Up Hairstyle

4. Half-Up Ponytail Hairstyle

For her first ever homecoming concert in Bronx, the American Idol judge sported a vivacious half-up hairstyle that swished in style on the stage and had us all swooning! With a high, half-up ponytail paired with ultra-glam wavy loose hair, J.Lo showed us how to go with a practical hairstyle while looking like a superstar!

If you have straight to wavy hair, go ahead and recreate this party hairstyle that'll make heads turn wherever you go!

Tousled Waves
Tousled Waves

5. Tousled Waves

Jennifer's long locks never looked better than at the opening ceremony of FIFA World Cup at Sao Paolo in June last year. Thankfully, we know exactly how to recreate the style!

To make gorgeous tousled waves like J.Lo's, spritz some tousle waves hairspray all over your damp hair and make 4-6 loose braids. Spritz some fine hold hairspray on the braids and leave them to set for about 30 minutes to an hour. Untie the braids after the said time and see beautiful textured waves in your hair, created without heat styling! Set it for longer wear with some strong hold hairspray and you're ready to party!

High Ponytail
High Ponytail

6. High-Volume Ponytail

A high-volume ponytail looks as glamorous as a show-stopping runway dress. The good thing is, it can be created in less than 2 minutes and worn just about anywhere!

The L'Oréal Paris Spokesmodel wore her gorgeous bronde hair in a voluminous high ponytail while appearing on BET's 106 & Park show. Her simple hairstyle was infused with fun and looked bang on trend at the same time.

If you have medium length straight or wavy hair, you can easily replicate J.Lo's on-screen high-volume ponytail by working in a small amount of volume inject mousse through your hair to make it look fluffy and voluminous and gathering it all around the crown of your head in a ponytail.

If you have fine hair, you can spritz your roots with some high-lift creation hairspray to give your strands an instant boost before securing it up in a pony.

Sleek Straight Hair
Sleek Straight Hair

7. Sleek Straight Hair

Whether with her clothes, her make-up or her hair, J.Lo certainly knows how to stay on trend! The L'Oréal Paris Spokesmodel sported sleek, straight hair at the MTV Movie Awards in June this year.

Fashion Week SS2016 also proved that sleek, straight hairstyles aren't going out of vogue anytime soon. To create straight, smooth and polished hairstyle, work in a small amount of strand smoother serum spray through the lengths of your tresses before straightening them out with a flat iron. The product will not only help to detangle your hair, but also lend it added brilliance.

This hairstyle is best suited for women with straight to wavy hair. Don't forget to spritz some heat protectant hairspray before flat-ironing your hair!

Ombre Hairstyle
Ombre Hairstyle

8. Ombré Hair

One look at J.Lo's ombré hair and we're tempted to try the look! The light ends contrasted with darker roots lend a delightful dimension and movement to the tresses and make them look hot on trend!

You too can try out this fiery look by asking your hair stylist to suggest a shade of ombré hair color that suits your natural features and hair texture.

Flaunt you ombré hair color with glamour waves (like J.Lo in the image above), sculpted curls or any other layered hairstyle for the multi-dimesional effect to show more prominently.

Braided Updo
Braided Updo

9. Braided Updo

Known for her iconic waves and glamorous blowouts, J.Lo isn't seen in updos all that often. But when she does wear one, she makes sure it's absolutely swoon-worthy! In the image above, Jenny has sculpted her hair in a braided bun – an easy yet elegant hairstyle that you can totally wear to work.

You can make this hairstyle with second day hair. Spritz your roots with some dry shampoo to make them look clean and plait your hair into a braid at the nape of your neck. Spiral the braid around the base, securing it with bobby pins as you go to create an elegant braided bun!

Wear your bun with or without a hair part and make it slightly disheveled or very neat – you can try out several variations of J.Lo's braided updo.

Glamorous Ponytail
Glamorous Ponytail

10. Glamour Ponytail

We can always count on Jennifer Lopez for some awe-inspiring hairstyle inspiration and this glamour ponytail is just a case in point.

J.Lo posed for the paparazzi on the Oscars red carpet this year in a gorgeous Elie Saab gown, her hair swept off her face in a glamorous ponytail. While the sleek finish kept her hair in control, the updo swished against her back and gave her a chance to flaunt the beautiful back details of her dress.

To replicate J.Lo's Oscar 2015 hairstyle, dab your hair with a tiny amount of strand smoother serum spray. This will lend shine to your tresses and keep flyways in check. Make a high ponytail around the crown of your head and roll the ends of the pony on a medium-barreled curling iron to give them a gorgeous, curvy finish.

Spritz some hairspray over your hair and you're ready to delight the shutterbugs!

Vintage Bob Hair
Vintage Bob Hair

11. Vintage Bob

J.Lo was seen sporting a glamorous vintage bob hairstyle at the Tony Awards in June this year. The soft, curly ends and one side pin-up gave her hairstyle a simple yet sensual appeal.

If you have a long bob and want to replicate J.Lo's vintage bob hairstyle, you can start by making a side part and then curl the ends of your hair on a medium-sized curling iron. Pin up one side of your hair and let the other side swoop down your forehead like faux bangs. Finish off with a generous spritz of hairspray and you have a glamorous vintage party hairstyle!

Wet Look Bob
Wet Look Bob

12. Wet Look Hair

Paying tribute to the late Selena Quintanilla, the Latin singer whose biopic inspired her debut film, at the 2015 Billboard Latin Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez rocked her long bob hairstyle with a sexy, slicked back finish.

While her wet look hair looked glamorous and apt for the occasion, the slicked back style kept all loose strands off the face and helped to draw attention to her smokey eyes and makeup.

To achieve a glossy, wet look finish for your slicked back hairstyle, work in a small quantity of clean style hair gel through your tresses. Spritz some bold control hairspray to tame flyways and set your hairstyle for longer wear.

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