Is the hair tuck trend wearable in real life?

/ 03.25.2014
Would you try a hair tuck?
Would you try a hair tuck?

In recent years, the shared penchant among the Fahsion elite for tucking hair into scarves, shirts, jackets and just about anything else has become a veritable beauty trend... and not just for the world's best garbed bloggers! It's basically just a winter version of beach waves – a relaxed hairstyle that can be achieved anytime, anywhere and looks effortlessly gorgeous. The holy grail? Perhaps.

The best thing about it is how ridiculously simple it is. In fact, it's not really a hairstyle at all. Really, it's just a very chic wardrobe glitch that anyone with shoulder-length hair or longer has probably experienced. This quite possibly makes it the most wearable trend, ever!

It goes a little like this:

"Once upon a time, a woman just threw on her shirt/scarf/jacket and headed out, without so much as a second though for her hair. Before she knew it, it had worked its way up and out of whatever it was negligently swaddled into et voilà, she was suddenly in possession of a faux bob she never even asked for."

Now, however, we should all be doing it on purpose.

How to rock a hair tuck

The main thing to remember about the hair tuck trend is not to take it too seriously. Of course it's all going to fall out when you take your jacket off! But, it will magically re-appear when you put it back on again. If you want your locks to stay put all day long, the solution is pretty easy. Just tuck them into (or forget to pull them out of) a blazer or silk scarf that you can wear indoors!

As for the texture, a smooth or slightly piecey look is best, especially when teamed with a sharp center part. Simply mist dry hair with Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Iron Straight Heatspray from roots to ends and flat iron. Then use a tail comb to create your part, fix with hairspray and tuck, tuck, tuck away!

What do you think, is this look for you?

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