Is grey hair a street style trend you should try?

/ 07.16.2015
Grey hair, do you dare?
Grey hair, do you dare?

Over the last six months or so, grey hair has basically attained the same kind of trend status platinum hair has, and it even has its own hashtag - #GrannyHair! From street style bloggers to Kardashians, everyone's doing it and it looks awesome. So, what's the best way to get on board with this trend?

1/ Talk to your colorist

The first thing you need to do head to the salon with some pictures of the kind of grey style you want (thank you, Instagram) and talk through all the options with your colorist. They'll be able to recommend the best shades and coloring techniques for your hair, based on its current color and type.

2/ Be prepared for a huge change

If your hair is anything darker than a medium blonde, it will need to be bleached before it can be colored. Not only does this mean getting a brand new look that is completely different to the one you had before, it also means preparing to lose some length. Bleach dries out the ends and causes them to become split and ragged, so the only way to keep yoour hair healthy is to get a trim, and it'll probably need to be more significant than the trims you're used to.

3/ Upcycle your ombre

While ombré hair isn't going to disappear anytime soon, it is the perfect launchpad for grey tresses. You can try a silvery shade (or fifty!) on the ends and lengths of your hair to see how you feel about it, then work your way towards a whole headful of sterling strands if you really love it. If you don't, the transition back to blonde highlights won't be too arduous.

4/ Repurpose your platinum

In a similar vein, platinum hair is just a few steps away from silver, so it's a great starting point, too. You can rinse it with a toner for some light grey hues, or go for a more intense, all-over look. Just make sure you don't attack freshly bleached hair with more color for a couple of weeks as this can cause irreversible damage.

What do you think? Will you be trying grey hair anytime soon?

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