How to wear a scrunchie: 90s hair trend revival

/ 06.02.2014
Are you ready for the scrunchie comeback?
Are you ready for the scrunchie comeback?

Scrunchies, like jelly sandals and tie dye T-shirts, are a huge part of how a lot of us remember the late 80s and early 90s. The cast of Saved by the Bell, Sarah Jessica Parker, The Spice Girls, Madonna, Melissa Joan Hart in Clarissa Explains it All, most of the cast of Friends and basically EVERYONE else wore them way back when. Sadly, scrunchies enjoyed their day (decade) in the sun but then faded away... or did they?

Now something of a Sleeping Beauty trend, it would appear the scrunchie has come back to life, waking up after ten years of relative inertia. Having recently graced the heads of Hilary Clinton, Selena Gomez and – of course – Madonna, among others, it's also having something of a fashion moment with labels such as Rag & Bone, Ashish and Marc Jacobs all jumping on board. In short, it looks like the scrunchie is back and it's going to stick around for a little while!

So, how should you wear one?

Classic pony

Popular things are generally popular for a reason and that reason generally tends to be good-looking practicality. In this case, that translates as a cute hairstyle which is really easy to style. Cue the scrunchie pony. Sure, it's only a ponytail with a loop of stretchy fabric standing between your hair and gravity getting its own way, but still, it's a timeless look!

How to style: If you've been to a 90s-themed party, you've probably rocked this this look already. To switch things up a little, go for a more minimalist style sans frizz by using the Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT range.


Like the model in the photo, why not try a big messy topknot, using the scrunchie to exert some kind of control over an especially unruly mop? Perfect for in-between washes or for when you just want a totally fuss-free 'do, a messy topknot won't let you down.

How to style: Work up a little volume with Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT High Lift Creation Spray before securing your topknot. This will render a matte finish and give the knot plenty of hold.


Similar to a topknot, a bun can look great with a scrunchie. Equally simple yet with totally different results, it's certainly a style worth trying!

How to style: Rather than winding it into the hair, however, simply place the scrunchie over the bun, sliding it down as close to your head as you can. It should sit neatly all the way around – you can secure it with a couple of bobby pins if necessary.

How will you rock your scrunchie this time around?

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