How to Take Care of Very Curly Hair

/ 11.18.2015
How to Take Care of Very Curly Hair
How to Take Care of Very Curly Hair

If you have very curly hair, you probably get as many envious looks as questions about how you take care of your precious locks. While voluminous curls looks super gorgeous, we understand that they also require a lot of TLC!

Following a proper hair care regimen for very curly locks is difficult – but not impossible! Here are a few simple tips that will enable you to give your precious curls all the protection and pampering they deserve, and that too on a budget:

1. Co-washing is key: Co-washing or conditioner-washing, also known as the 'curly girl method' involves not using shampoo at all – just a good quality hair conditioner that is suited to your hair type and texture. While a shampoo strips your strands of moisture and makes them look frizzy, a conditioner keeps your curls moisturized and makes them hold longer. However, if you have an oily scalp, you might have to shampoo your hair more often that you'd like!

2. Shower with a hairnet on: This simple trick will not only clean your curls but will also allow them to hold their natural texture longer.

3. T-shirt dry your hair: T-shirts aren't as absorbent as towels, so they neither make your hair frizzy nor damage the strands. However, when you use a t-shirt to dry your curly hair, don't twist your strands – just squeeze all the water out before wrapping them up in any ordinary tee.

4. Always use a diffuser: Blasting your hair with any form of heat is discouraged, especially during the cold fall months. However, if you're pressed for time and must use a blow-dryer, always use the diffuser attachment to distribute heat evenly throughout your mane and minimize frizz.

5. Ban your brushes: If you really want to prevent your curly hair from breaking and falling, you need to stop using hairbrushes and swap them with wide-toothed hair combs instead. Brushes can damage fragile curls, especially when they're wet, which brings us to another point – don't touch your lovely locks when they're wet! Detangle your hair only when it's semi or completely dry and using a wide-toothed comb, move from the bottom up.

6. Know your products and be loyal to them: Very curly hair probably requires more hair products as compared to other hair textures. For best results, it's important to choose your those products carefully and stick to particular brands of products that yield the desired results. As with all hair textures, this isn't about spending money on a hoard of products; it's about investing in those specific items – whether a shampoo, a conditioner, a curl taming cream or an elastic curl mousse – that'll keep your mane healthy and make it look gorgeous.

7. Use frizz remover creams: Working in a tiny quantity of frizz remover cream on damp curly hair helps to seal the cuticles and prevent any humidity from getting in. This is indeed a wonder product that keeps your hair soft and frizz free!

8. Sleep on satin: Satin protects your curls from becoming frizzy or flat overnight. The soft fabric of a pillowcase or a sleep cap treats your hair gently even while you're fast asleep!

9. Get regular trims: Last but not the least, even with all the love and care that you bestow on your curly hair, a regular trim every 4-6 weeks will ensure that your curls don't develop split-ends and bounce with health from root to tip!

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